Knowing God

Knowing God

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Chapter 1

The Fall

by: deadwicks
The FallThe days had been going by left and right, the same old routine every day. It was basic clockwork. My feet began to carry my aching body along the narrowed hallways, my eyes slowly beginning to adjust to the lights that were seeming to only be getting brighter. I took a sharp right, my legs coming to a halt at a door. As if I had pressed a button, the door began to open, my legs pushing me forward inside the room.

“You called me?” I questioned, wanting to know why. He never called any of us down, especially while we were working. Working was the most important step in living up here. It was the first rule, one must always attend work unless called upon to do otherwise.

“Yes, I need you, it’s your turn now.” God was the one speaking, his voice was stern as he then rose from his desk, his eyes level now with mine. “I’ve been working on our defenses, our soldiers but I’ve lacked in many areas.” God was now pacing, stepping in front of me and leaning against his desk. “None have been strong enough but you, you are different. You were made from the Earth’s soil. Will you please participate in this?” He questioned. I didn’t know how to answer. The mortality rate was low but I couldn’t say no. No one here in their right mind would say no to him. I nodded my head,

“Yes sir, I will participate.” The words had rolled off my tongue with ease but inside I could feel my stomach turn, I knew I had just passed my life on as if I didn't care much about it. That was a straight up lie, I cared more for my own life than I did most. I was aching to be set free from my fathers grasp.

“Great!” God’s face lit up like the fourth of July. He was happy that I had said yes. Probably glad that he wouldn’t have to use excessive force to get me to help him. I was smarter than that. “We start now!”

I hadn’t expected that - I had expected to get some time to say my goodbyes to my friends and to those that I considered family but he had other plans. Plans that I had promised to follow. How could I blame anyone for this except myself? I could only bring myself to nod, following God and his two guards that were trailing behind me - making sure I didn’t come up with some wise idea to turn and run. It had only been a few doors down, the group of us going inside. It looked like a community hospital. Beds were lined up against the walls, in rows. My eyes landed on each person that was in them, people I know, people I’ve worked with. How many of us did he need? The questioning that was running through my head would never be answered. God stopped, he placed his hand on my shoulder and directed me to a bed. The bed beside me had a girl in it, she seemed to be passed out. Tubes were strewn across her body, I felt a lump forming in the back of my throat - threatening me with sickness.

“We’ll get you a gown and some food, then we’ll start,” God said, his head nodding and then he was gone. I stood beside the bed that was meant for me, it was clean and neatly folded. How bad could this be? My body was the one that was going to have to help me here, help me to survive or I was just a throwing myself into the nearest trash bin. I had signed my life over without a fight. Maybe that wasn’t the smartest thing. My head turned, a nurse entering the room, she had a large smile on her face as she placed the gown down on the bed.

“Please change,” She said, her voice was sweet. I nodded my head, slipping my shoes off and tucking my socks inside them. I didn’t want to change out of my clothing but wasn’t willing to be forced. I removed my pants and my shirt, sliding the gown on over my arms and shoulders, reaching back and tying the strings. I let out a light sigh, getting into the bed.

I sat there for what seemed like hours, the girl beside me stirring awake. She turned her head and looked at me.

“You’re my new neighbor?” She asked, her eyebrows raising. “I guess it was nice of them to give me some eye candy.” She began to laugh. I could only smile at her, she didn’t look healthy.

“You feeling okay?” I asked, her face was so pale that she almost looked dead. She nodded her head, throwing up a thumbs up. “What do they do to us?” I asked but as I asked, she rested her head down, God entering the foot of my bed.

“I’m glad to see you’ve made yourself comfortable, your food is on it’s way but for now, I’m going to have the nurses start the liquids.” God seemed so sure of himself. He had a large smile on his face. I had grown to trust him, he was like my Father. He had created me but I had seen him do things that I didn’t think he had been capable of. “The first dose is always the worst.” God reached over and patted my leg. “Rest and eat.”

“Thank you,” I said, God, smiling before he was gone just like that. The girl that laid beside me was shaking her head. “What?” I questioned.

“Don’t believe that crap.” She said, “The first dose isn’t the’s just the beginning.” She pressed her lips into a hard line. I looked down, the nurse had gotten the needle in and was hooking my arm up. “ won’t want to eat.” The girl finally said, “Good luck..” I could only smile, I had never met the girl and she was already like most. Telling me Good Luck.

“That’s my name..Lucky,” I said, the girl smiling before the curtain was closed around me. I looked at the nurse and she seemed to be occupied with her work. Another nurse coming in and beginning to strap my arms and legs down. I didn’t resist, I didn’t want to wear my body out any more than what this was going to do.

“’s started.” The nurse said, leaving the room quickly with the other. I felt a wave of panic as I laid back, I hadn’t felt anything, my head turning and watching as the IV filled itself with the fluid. It hit my veins, my tongue moving around inside my mouth. All I tasted was metal. I squeezed my eyes shut, feeling my vision going blurry. My firsts wrapping around the restraints. I refused to make a sound, I refused to show weakness. I could feel it as it ran through my veins, it felt like ice at first but it quickly turned hot. It felt as if my insides were on fire, my body arching up off the bed, my teeth biting down on my lips to make sure a single sound didn’t make it out.

Poison was running through my veins.

- Time Lapse -

I had woken, my eyes felt heavy and crusted over as I managed to open them. The curtain had been pulled back and food was set in front of me. I sat up, my back hurt, every inch of my body ached. I grabbed the piece of toast and took a bite, glancing over at the girl who was also eating. “I thought you said I wouldn’t want to eat?” I questioned her. She smiled at me for a second before she spoke.

“You have to eat for strength even if your stomach wants to throw it back up.” She shrugged her shoulders as she took a bite of her hamburger. “How are you feeling?” She asked.

I knew how I felt. “Sore,” I said, being honest had always been something that ran in my blood. I hated liars and I refused to be one. “Tired.” I nodded my head, the girl nods.

“So far..that’s pretty normal.” She glanced at me for a minute. “I’m Layla, you are...Lucky?” She said, her tone seemed as if she were confused. I nodded my head in response.

“Yes, my name’s Lucky, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Layla,” I said, she smiled at me. She sat herself up and began to lean in towards me. I leaned in towards her.

“I don’t want to scare you but barely anyone survives this..they just cleaned out a bunch last night while you were sleeping...I don’t know where they take them but from what I ever sees them again.” She said. I looked at her, my eyes darting down.

Where did they take them? That was the real question. She was looking at me as if I had all the answers. If I did, I probably wouldn't be in the situation that I am now.

"Do you know where they take them?" Layla asked, her eyes were boring into me. She probably thought I knew what my father did with them but in reality, I didn't know anything. I worked all the days switching from being a guard into the mechanics and back again. My life was far too busy to be dipping into my father's business. "I mean, you do work in the mechanical area, have you heard anything?" She asked, my head lifting as I looked at her.

"Even though he's my father, we don't really converse a lot," I said, pressing my lips into a hard line. "And as far as the mechanical room goes, I just fix their computers and equipment when it decides to shut down." He shrugged his shoulders. "I have no idea where they go." He admitted Layla's face seemed to not be surprised but I knew better.

"I guess we'll find out..." Layla said, leaning against her bed and closing her eyes.

- Time Lapse -

The days had been going by quickly, every night there was a new treatment and each seemed to get worse. They had Layla go first, always - hearing her screams was enough to make me howl. By the time it was my turn for a treatment, she was already fast asleep. However this morning wasn't like the usual, there was no food laid out in front of me, instead, the curtain was still shut. I had managed to get myself up, I stopped, hearing Layla crying behind the curtain. I didn't hesitate to push back the curtain. The nurses were surrounding her, God walking in and going to her. They began to undo her tubes and removing her oxygen, soon beginning to wheel her away. I shook my head, grabbing onto her bed.

"No," I said sternly. I had to stop them. Where were they going to take her? She had said that once they take you, you never see them again. “Leave her alone...” I said, my eyes landing on my father. My hands were tightly wound around the hospital bed, grasping at it. I couldn't let them take her, what were they going to do? Was she going to be transported to where the others are? Or worse? I tensed up when my father came towards me.

"We are doing what needs to be done."

"And what's that?" I asked. "Placing your people, people who loved and trusted you...making them go through this?!" I explained. "Layla has not done a damn thing, she's been doing the treatments. Where are you taking her?"

"That's none of your business and we can hope that you won't have to experience it," God said, I looked at my father and I couldn't tell who he was anymore. Something was wrong with him, he was desperate for Archangels and in the making, he was torturing his people. "Restrain him." He ordered, my eyes couldn't move fast enough, being grabbed and thrown into my bed, straps going around my arms, restraining me from doing anything.

"Lucky!" Layla yelled, he looked at her, shaking his head. He wanted to do something, anything but at this point, everyone could tell who had the upper-hand here.

"Don't give up!" I hollered back as they wheeled her out of my vision and out of the room. There was nothing but silence in the room, a few people coughing here and there, probably sad they missed the commotion.

- Time Lapse -

The days were long and never-ending without Layla at my side, every day I wondered where they had taken her. Every time the door opened a part of me wished it was her coming back but it never was. What she had said about never seeing them again, it seemed to be real. The treatments seemed to be numbing me now, my only thoughts were of my father - how could he be so cruel? How could there be anything good coming from this? I was still restrained, placed in the corner away from the others, treatments allowing me to get some rest.

Slipping under was the place that I’d see her. She would lean over me and talk to me, letting me know that she was okay but that she needed me and that I couldn’t give up. It was so hard not too, especially when the pain was so continuous. The sleeping never felt as if I were getting any real rest, watching Layla as she stayed by my side like she once had. I'd try to ask her where she went and she would only shrug. Why would she shrug?

I had woke not by choice, God leaning over me, prying my eyes open. “Are you awake Lucky?” He asked I could only nod in response. “, it’s your time to go...I'm sorry but you have failed.” The words that were coming from his lips were shocking, how had I failed? I hadn’t died, I was still here and in good shape.

“How?” I questioned. “Where did you take her? Why have I failed?” The questions I was asking wanted to be answered but I wasn’t sure if he’d actually do so.

“Your soul has died, you will go with the others.” He said, before he was gone, the nurses unhooking me as they wheeled me off. I pulled tightly against the restraints, I didn’t know where they were taking me but I knew it couldn’t be good. I was pushed through the doors and there was nothing but light.

Then it happened, within a second I was soaring through the sky. I grasped for the air, hoping, wishing I could stop myself from hitting the ground. This was what happened to them all, they were thrown out for being failures. I could feel my wings burning, I screamed out, my body launching downwards as my wings detached themselves.

I had hit the ground. I could feel my clothing burning away with my flesh, I had to move, I had to get up. I managed to sit myself up, the grounds around me were on fire. I rolled myself over, my shirt now only smoldering. I grunted, lifting myself to the trees, managing to try and get myself to stand. My leg - it had been broken. I groaned, holding onto the tree bark before I heard a twig snap behind me, I dropped to the ground, my eyes landing on a female with the brightest red hair that I had ever seen.


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