My trip to the Pokemon world

This is a work in progress story that I uploaded on Deviantart. I haven't uploaded anything on Quibblo for a while so I felt like I need to get something.
The original story has cuss words but I'll edit them out. I just made this for fun too. This didn't actually happen (although I wish it did).
Just a warning too; this story has blood and gore in it so if you're stomach is weak then don't read. Also don't read this story if you are sensitive about your favourite characters dying.

Chapter 13

Healing the Final Wounds

Author's Note: I know this took 6-7 months but it's finally out. My computer died and then the heat was affecting my internet. And of course I wasn't sure how to continue the chapter. But after having a nice cold beer I got a burst of inspiration that got me to finally make the next chapter. I hope you enjoy it.

I took Grey back to the camp to join the others. When we landed, the first thing I saw was Draco fiddling with that FAL that kid had. I decided to show him how to handle it as none of my pokemon knew how to handle assault rifles. It took a couple of minutes but he finally got the hang of it. The FAL is usually a semi-automatic rifle that looks very similar to the popular AK-47. However this rifle was modified to the point where it's fully-automatic. I didn't know why that kid decided that he needed a modified FAL, it would have been cheaper to get a regular full-auto assault rifle.

The attack was terrifying and it damaged the cabin, but at least no one was seriously injured. Except me of course but I was used to it. My arm was still pouring with blood from that damn chainsaw. Draco noticed the wound.

Draco: What happened to your arm?

I'll be honest, I forgot I had that injury until Draco pointed it out.

Thanatos: Did you hear that roaring sound before those bandits got inside?

Draco: Yeah?

Thanatos: That was a Rhydon wielding a damned chainsaw. It tried to cut through my arm.

Draco: Let me see.

I held up my arm so he could get a closer look. He clearly saw the bone perfectly intact despite the abuse it just took.

Draco: I knew your bones were stong but I didn't think they were that strong. Why don't you heal it?

Thanatos: Because there was a lot of splashing around in that river, not to mention that the chainsaw that Rhydon had didn't look clean before it went through my arm.

Draco: You think it might be infected.

Thanatos: I'm not a doctor, I'm a gunsmith. I don't know.

Patricia: You could go to the Pokemon Center to get that checked.

Kane: Thanatos isn't a Pokemon, Trish.

Patricia: They don't just cure Pokemon you know.

Thanatos: Even if they did, I could get it checked over there anyway. Cures for Pokemon should work for humans and dragons too.

Patricia: I can go with you.

Thanatos: You don't have to. I've been there before.

Patricia: I insist. It would be nice for you to have someone to talk to on the way there.

Thanatos: Okay, you got me. C'mon. Everyone else, try to get all the bodies and throw them in a pile so we can burn them before they rot.

Jackie: Got it.

Thanatos: And don't forget to search them for any weapons and ammo.

Ghaster: Ah, just like the good old days!

I chuckled at Ghaster's comment before leaving the camp with Patricia. On the way to town, she noticed I had the rifle still strapped to my back.

Patricia: You really like that rifle do you?

Thanatos: It's not this rifle specifically, it's any sniper rifle in general. I'm a big fan of them. As I'm also very good at sniping.

Patricia: How good?

Thanatos: If you saw what happened before those bandits reached the cabin you would have been impressed. I think I killed 18 of those bandits in succession, headshots only.

Patricia: So you weren't trained in the military because you joined in the first place for being so good. So how did you practice? Airsoft rifles?

Thanatos: No, before I joined the military I never played airsoft before. I was just a natural born sniper.

Patricia: So you didn't need any training at all?

Thanatos: Of course, there's always room for improvement. But I was really good at sniping for the first time. Sometimes you're just born with a skill that needed no training.

Patricia: So what was up with Grey?

Thanatos: He's very old yet he never seen a person get killed before.

Patricia: Old?

Thanatos: Yeah, he's coming to the end of his life. He said he can feel it.

Patricia: How long do you think he has?

Thanatos: He said probably a week, more or less. We're not sure exactly.

Patricia: We'll finish this conversation later, we're here.

Thanatos: I'd better hide this form.

My scales quickly hid away behind my human form and let my red and black spikey hair flow before we entered the town. We traveled via the sidewalk through the town. The place had more people around during this time of the morning at least, but there's wasn't a lot of people. We were just approaching the Pokemon Center when we spotted a young trainer and his Radicate giving Patricia a strange look. I got in close to Patricia to whisper to her.

Thanatos: What's his problem?

Patricia: I think while I was still with Team Rocket, we stole his Raichu.

I decided to be up front with this kid. I approached him, as i did he clenched the Pokeball in his hand. I bent down with my hands on my knees

Thanatos: What's up with you, kid?

Trainer: Nothing.

Thanatos: Really, it doesn't seem like nothing. You're giving my friend here a strange look as if you know her.

Trainer: Your friend?

Thanatos: The Arbok.

Trainer: She looks like the Arbok that was with a lady I know.

Thanatos: A lady? Did she have long, pink hair?

Trainer: ...yeah.

Thanatos: This Arbok isn't with her anymore, she's with me now. Tell me, did she take a Pokemon off you?

Trainer: Yeah, she stole my Raichu.

Thanatos: How about this? I'll look for her and see if I can get your Raichu back, okay?

Trainer: Okay, sir.

I stood up and returned to Patricia. We both entered the Pokemon Center. Thank the eight that the flooring was tiled rather than carpet. Otherwise they would have never got that blood out that was pouring from my wound. Nurse Joy was just finishing up with some trainers with injured Pokemon and was ready for the next patient.

Nurse Joy: Next patient, please!

We approached the counter while I held my arm tightly.

Nurse Joy: How can I help you today sir? Is your Arbok hurt or tired?

Thanatos: No, she's not the one hurt. I am.

Nurse Joy: What seems to be the problem?

I thought it would be easier to show her. I approached closer and let go of my arm slightly so it's visible. Her eyes lit up when she saw the wound.

Nurse Joy: I see. Come around to the back, we'll see what we could do. Your Arbok can rest up here until you get back.

Patricia: It's okay, I could use a rest.

Nurse Joy: She can talk!

Thanatos: Well, yeah. Pokemon are smarter than you think. They can speak if they're taught how.

Nurse Joy: Very well. Come on.

I followed Joy through the back and into a treatment room with a desk and a bed. Joy went to the desk and picked up the phone.

Nurse Joy: Can I get a nurse at the front desk please?

After a few seconds she put down the phone. I looked out the hallway just to be cautious, I saw another nurse come out from a room that looked exactly like Nurse Joy. I thought it must have been one of Joy's sisters. Though I was sceptical if these nurses were sisters.

Nurse Joy: Can you please take a rest on the bed please so I can check that arm out?

Thanatos: Sure. Oh yeah, you might want to get a janitor in that lobby. I'm pretty sure I left a blood trail.

Nurse Joy: Don't worry, we'll sort that out later.

I layed there on the bed as Joy requested. It wasn't very comfy though like you'd think in a place like this. Though it could just be because I was tall.

Nurse Joy: Can I get your name please?

Thanatos: Nick, just Nick if you mind.

Nurse Joy: That's fine, I just needed to identify you. Nick it is then. So let me see that arm.

I held out my arm and rested it on a small table used for treatment of limbs. She started taking blood samples from the wound. I was always afraid that someone might find out what I really am by taking blood samples. But I always reminded myself that dragon's blood is almost the same as human blood other than being thicker and having a lot more cells. It's a little strange but a simple blood test wouldn't give away my true identity. After doing some tests with the blood she came back to me and started cleaning the cut.

Nurse Joy: How did this happen?

I had to think of something quick. I couldn't just say a psycho Rhydon tried to kill me with a chainsaw.

Thanatos: A chainsaw accident.

Nurse Joy: Ouch. So I'm guessing that you were cutting some branches or something and it slipped?

Thanatos: In a nutshell. I'm just glad it didn't go though my face.

Nurse Joy: Did you clean it recently? Did it have some rust?

Thanatos: It may gave been rusty. It certainly didn't look clean.

Nurse Joy: Okay so I did some tests and your wound is infected with Tetanus. Basically an infection that spreads when some nasties get into the bloodstream.

Thanatos: How bad is it?

Nurse Joy: It supposed to be fatal if it isn't treated and the immune system isn't good. But I noticed something strange in your blood.

Thanatos: What is it?

Nurse Joy: Your blood is fighting off the infection right now and it's doing really well. That's an impressive immune system you have there.

Thanatos: I was wondering why I never get colds.

Nurse Joy: Hahaha! Well there are still traces of tetanus inside you and you might get symptoms still. Usually it's muscle spasms, fever, shortness of breath and a high blood pressure just to name a few. But it seems you'll only get a minor fever. Of course, if you get it treated.

Thanatos: Do you have anything to treat it?

Nurse Joy: We do. Usually it doesn't work completely but it should work perfectly on you.

She stands up to go to the medicine cabnet and grabbed some antibiotics, painkillers and a needle and thread.

Nurse Joy: I'll need to stitch that wound up. You're lucky that we restocked recently. Some of the painkillers and thread went missing a few months back.

Thanatos: That is lucky.

I was relieved that she didn't suspect that the thief was me. She grabbed the kind of antibiotic that you're supposed to inject, the same as the painkiller. So after the first injection with the antibiotic, she then injected the painkiller later on before sewing up the cut. It was still painful as the painkiller was still settling in, but I was used to this. I had to stitch my own injuries up myself in the past. After she finished with the stitching, she grabbed a clean bandage and wrapped up my arm nicely. I was all patched up.

Thanatos: Is that it?

Nurse Joy: Yep that's it. Can you move your fingers?

Thanatos: Yeah, I can move them just fine. Thanks Nurse Joy.

Nurse Joy: My pleasure! We hope to see you again!

I just gave her a look. That wasn't creepy at all. Then I heard another voice, it was loud and high pitched, I heard it before but it wasn't any of the Joys. And it came from the lobby. Listening more closely, it became clear. I guessed that was Jessie from Team Rocket.

Jessie: James! This Raichu is pathetic! Why did you think that stealing off 10 year olds would give us the strong ones?

James: It wasn't me, Meowth told me to!

Jessie: Meowth told you?

Meowth: We had better luck with a kid than that 60 year old man who threw you in that river, Jessie.

Jessie: Shut it, Meowth!

I finally got a view on them. It was them, those grunts that used to own Patricia. They came to the Pokemon Center to heal the Pokemon inside the pokeball on the counter. I guessed that was the kid's Raichu.

Thanatos: How convenient.

That was when they eyed something that I couldn't see.

Meowth: Hey Jessie. Look who it is.

Jessie: What? Arbok! Where have you been? I've been looking for you!

Thanatos: Oh no.

James: We haven't seen you since that freak with the Haunter!

Jessie: That does it. You're going back to the ball. Arbok return.

She held out her Pokeball, it opened up... but nothing happened.

Jessie: Return!

Still nothing. She threw the ball at Patricia. It just bounced off her snout, though the impact caused her nose to bleed. She covered the wound with her tail and wiped the blood off.

Jessie: Why isn't this working?!

Patricia: Because you're not my trainer anymore.

Jessie: Arbok? You... talk?

Patricia: My name is Patricia. I train with someone else, he taught me how to speak.

James: And who might that be?

I decided to step into the scene and give them one hell of a surprise.

Thanatos: Who do you think you left her behind with?

They stared at me. They fully remembered me from back then. They look like they were about to piss themselves. The other trainers in the room were confused on what was happening.

Thanatos: Ooh, it got quiet all of a sudden.

I spotted the Pokeball that must have contained that kid's Raichu. I grabbed it and put it in my coat.

Thanatos: I'll take that. You'll be surprised on how much stuff I can shove in this coat.

James: W-w-w-we need that. F-f-for out b-b-boss.

I approached him slowly. My boots made the ground thump. I stopped about a meter away from him.

Thanatos: Your boss, huh?

I looked away nodding before I threw a sudden punch directly at him. The punch knocked him down to his knees. He whimpered on the floor.

Thanatos: I am so much worse than your boss! I am fully aware on what he's like. He stole my Bulbasaur and corrupted him with your filth! If you noticed there was a scar on Giovanni's forehead, that was when I knocked him out cold by slamming his face on the table!

Jessie: Prepare for trouble.

James tried to gather enough energy and focus to speak.

James: M-make... it... d-doub...

Before he could finish I grabbed him by the collar and then Jessie by the hair. I dragged them outside while I revealed what I really looked like right in front of them. To show them that I am not the one they'd want to be their enemy. They had terrified expressions on their faces as i pushed them outside looking at them with red glowing eyes.

Thanatos: Shut it, both of you! Patricia chose me to teach her, not you! She's had enough doing your dirty work! You're nothing but ants compared to me! You don't want me to become your enemy!

I let them go and they stumbled away from me. I looked at James and I saw his legs shaking wildly with a wet trickle down his pants.

Thanatos: Get yourself a pair of sweatpants, James. Go home. Both of you!

They ran off and didn't even look back. I noticed that the other trainers and Nurse Joy (the one that treated me) saw my real face. I hid it behind my human look again. I then put my finger to my mouth to show a "quiet" expression just to tell them to keep this a secret. Patricia slithered outside with me. I saw the kid still waiting outside, he did see my real face but he seemed more interested in whether or not I got his Raichu or not. I approached him and handed his Raichu back to him. I reluctantly took it from my hand.

Trainer: Thank you, mister.

Thanatos: Not to worry. Don't go showing it off to anybody okay. You don't know who might want it.

He nodded and walked away. Probably back home. Patricia tapped my shoulder to get my attention.

Patricia: Thanks for dealing with them.

Thanatos: That's what friends do. Let's go home.

We left the town as quickly as possible before anyone found out what happened there. On the way back home.

Thanatos: How's that nose?

Patricia: I'm okay. I'll live.

Thanatos: We can clean that up when we get home.

Suddenly Patricia started chuckling. Then full out laughing.

Thanatos: What's so funny?

Patricia: I will never forget that face that James made when he saw your dragon form!

Thanatos: Or the fact that he soiled himself from fear.

We both laughed all the way back to the cabin.

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