My trip to the Pokemon world

This is a work in progress story that I uploaded on Deviantart. I haven't uploaded anything on Quibblo for a while so I felt like I need to get something.
The original story has cuss words but I'll edit them out. I just made this for fun too. This didn't actually happen (although I wish it did).
Just a warning too; this story has blood and gore in it so if you're stomach is weak then don't read. Also don't read this story if you are sensitive about your favourite characters dying.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Recovery

Chapter 2: Recovery"By the way, My name is Thanatos" I told Haunter.
While traveling through a forest we eventually came across a fresh river. The Charmander was still asleep so I decided to set up camp in a clearing near the water. I placed the Charmander down while I gather some supplies.
"Hey, I'm gonna need a name for you. How about..." I was about to say but Haunter immediately wrote something in the dirt. He wrote "Ghaster" and I believed that is what his name was. "Alright, Ghaster. I need you to look after the Charmander while I go looking for supplies." He nodded so I followed the river downstream.

Following the stream, I came across something really convenient. In abandoned log cabin next to the river. There is plenty of space to grow some food too. I turned back to get Ghaster and Charmander. When I returned, I could tell Ghaster was hoping that I came back with something.
"Hey, Ghaster. You have got to see this" I beckoned him to follow me. I took Charmander and I guided Ghaster to to the cabin. When he saw the cabin, the look on his face was priceless. But I felt the same feeling when I saw the cabin for the first time so I don't blame him.
"We might want to fix that hole in the roof." I pointed out. The roof looked like someone shot one of those old trebuches at it. We had a look inside and we saw nothing but darkness. I used my magic to create a ball of light to illuminate the room. There were some lanterns on the walls that can be lit. I thought that I could make some enchanted candles for them so they won't go out. There was an old table in the middle of the room. It looked old and worn so it couldn't be used as furniture but it wasn't useless. I used my light spell on the lanterns so I didn't have to hold a ball of light. In the darkness I noticed a door at the back corner. I took a look inside and I found some tools: An old fishing rod, a hand saw, a small toolbox and a rusted pickaxe.
"I could use these" I whispered "Hey, Ghaster. You should go fishing while I have a little visit to the nearest Pokecentre"
I grabbed the rod and led him outside while carrying the Charmander. I rested Charmander in a soft spot on the dirt. I showed Ghaster how to fish. After a while he got what he was supposed to do then I traveled to the town which was visible in the distance.

After a long walk I made it to civilisation. I located the Pokecentre as fast as I could. Compared to Pallett Town, this town was huge. I didn't even know what the name of the town was. I found the Pokecentre after a few minutes in confusion. The Pokecentre was really friendly, especially the nurse but she is a bit... too friendly. I ignored my suspicions and looked around for any storage rooms. The only door I found that could be a supply room is the staff area. Someone walked out of the room but while no one was looking, I stopped the door from closing so I can enter. The room was not as nice to look at compared to the rest of the building. I found plenty of supplies to help the Charmander. I don't like the feeling of taking stuff from a hospital but the Charmander needs it. I took a needle and dissolvable thread, pain killers and anti-biotics. I didn't take anything else since more people and Pokemon need it more than I do. I managed to leave with the supplies and headed back to the cabin.

I came back to see a small pile of Magikarp next to Ghaster.
"Wow, Ghaster. For the first time fishing you got a lot of catches."
Ghaster smiled. We both looked at the Charmander.
"Did he wake up yet?" Ghaster shook his head.
"Good, I can treat him while he's out"

I approached Charmander with the supplies. I started off with the painkillers just in case he wakes up, dropping a few pills down his throat. Then I started stitching up the wound. I could have healed the gash with magic but that would have left a bigger scar than what it looked like when I stitched it up. After the stitching I cleaned the wound with clean water and the anti-biotics. I then sealed the wound with magic. My work wasn't done yet. There was still a broken rib to worry about. This was the easy part since I could just use my magic to move the bones back in place and seal the crack. There was one other thing I noticed, Charmander was breathing quite heavily. I inspected him to find out that he's really dehydrated. He may be a fire type but he still needs water. I ran to the lake and got a handful of water then gently poured it into him mouth.

"There, that oughta do it." I whispered. I went back to the forest and gathered as many sticks as I could as the sun went down. As fast as I could I made a campfire out of the sticks and a touch of my fire breath. As me and Ghaster cooked up the Magikarps he caught we noticed that the Charmander was starting to wake up. I moved next to him to comfort him.
"Hey, you okay?" I said to him.
He gave a slight smile.
"I hate to tell you this but there's a scar on your snout. I hope you like my needle-work. It might feel a little numb though."
He touched his snout to feel the big scar across it.
"Are you hungry? You can help yourself. The name is Thanatos by the way." pointing to the cooked Magikarp. "I'll look for a fruit tree or something"

Being a dragon. I really love fruit so I'd rather go out looking for an apple tree or a berry bush. I entered the cabin and I turned the table upside-down and broke off a leg. I blew fire on the tip to create a makeshift torch. I then went into the forest in search for a fruit tree. While traveling I came across a couple of berry bushes and an apple tree. My biggest interest was the apple tree. In my full dragon form, I stood up on my hind legs and started shaking the tree causing apples to fall all around me. I didn't shake it too much so I can come back later. I went back to my anthro form and gathered the apples then took them back to camp.

When I returned, I saw two Team Rocket members by the fire. A blue haired male and pink haired female (sound familiar).
"Hey, what's going on here" I yelled as I dropped the apples and the torch.
They laughed, the female began "Prepare for trouble" the male continued "Make it double"
I interrupted them "Okay, shut it you two. Look, we're tired. We need rest."
The male complained "Hey, you interupted us. Time to battle. GO WEEZING" as he released his Pokemon. Then the female shouted "GO ARBOK" as she released hers.
The Weezing attempted to attack me but I was too fast for it. Attack after attack, dodge after dodge. The Weezing eventually stopped attacking for some reason.
The female shouted "James, why did you stop attacking?!" The male replied "I ran out or Power Points, Jessie!"
"Oh, Jessie and James. Thank you for telling me your names." I chuckled.
"Okay. Arbok, use Wrap" Jessie yelled.
Again I dodged the attack but then I grabbed Jessie and threw her into the river. She screamed since her hair and clothes were wet. Not to mention it was freezing cold. Both of them ran off like the cowards they are.
"Yeah, that's right! Run away! Don't come back!" I yelled at them. I took an apple from the ground and took a bite out of it.

I turned around and I noticed the Arbok isn't going with them.
"Aren't you going with your trainers?" I asked it. It shook it's head. "You don't like her do you?" It shook it's head again. "Okay, you can come with us if you want. Just don't become a backstabber if you don't mind". It nodded while saying it's name like what most Pokemon do.
"Her name is Patricia" said an unknown voice.
I turned to notice that it was Ghaster that said that. "Since when did you start speaking english?!" I said with a shocked expression.
"Since I died. Most ghosts just decide not to speak. We used to be human." He explained.
"Oh, that surprisingly makes sense. Well Patricia, we'd better get some sleep. We have work tomorrow." I told everyone.

Before we fell asleep I gave the Charmander a Nickname. I decided to call him Draco. He gave me a smile before falling asleep in my lap.

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