My trip to the Pokemon world

This is a work in progress story that I uploaded on Deviantart. I haven't uploaded anything on Quibblo for a while so I felt like I need to get something.
The original story has cuss words but I'll edit them out. I just made this for fun too. This didn't actually happen (although I wish it did).
Just a warning too; this story has blood and gore in it so if you're stomach is weak then don't read. Also don't read this story if you are sensitive about your favourite characters dying.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Lock and Load.

Chapter 3: Lock and Load.As the sun rose, I woke up to see Draco heading over to a large boulder . I got up while Patricia was still asleep. Ghaster, being a ghost he didn't need sleep so he was on watch over night.

"Morning, Draco. What are you doing?" I asked him.
"Char Char" he called
"He wants to practice his Metal Claw on the rock" Ghaster explained
"Metal Claw. Thats unusual for a Charmander to have" I replied
"Not really, Draco was born in Kanto. Kanto Charmanders can learn Metal Claw"
"Alright Draco. Lets train. You're at level 15, is that right? So you should evolve before we finish."
Draco nodded, we then approached the boulder. There should be some ore inside the boulder if we got lucky. I could've probably made a weapon, maybe even a firearm if we got the right supplies. But to do that, I needed to make gunpowder. And to get gunpowder I need Sulfur and Potassium Nitrate (Sorry, I'm a gun geek).

Standing in front of the boulder "Okay, Draco. Use Metal Claw!" Draco took a swing with a steel claw and left a large dent in the rock.
"Hey, I think I should train you how to use moves by yourself while we are at this." I explained to Draco "Keep striking the rock but I'm not telling you when. Just go for it."
He nodded. Without thinking, he struck the rock again with another Metal Claw. In the flying rubble, I spotted some shiny objects that looked like iron. Looked like we got lucky. He struck again, and again, and again. Rubble and iron ore flying everywhere around us. Eventually I was blinded by a glow coming from Draco, he was evolving. When the the glow dimmed, I was greeted with a red being that was almost at my height. Draco still had the scar on his snout but he smiled at me, I smiled back. He learned Dragon Rage and replaced his Smokescreen with it without needed my permission. Something told me he'll be really independant very fast, which is what I wanted.
I asked "You want to keep going" He nodded again. He continued striking the boulder as much as he could until his PP ran out. The loud noises of the boulder breaking woke Patricia up.
"Morning, Patricia. Don't mind the racket, we're just training." I explained to her "If you want to train then go right ahead. But I can't help you since I'll be busy salvaging what I can in this rubble. Draco, you take a good rest. Make sure you relax your wrists to recover you PP." He went back to the campfire and rested.
I gathered as much rubble as I can then used my fire breath to smelt any ores in the debris catching the molten iron in a magical field. I used my magic to reshape the iron into the shape of a 9mm handgun and two empty magazines. After a while it solidified into a funcional firearm. I held the red hot weapon and mags and took them over to the water to cool them down. Since I'm a fire breather, heat doesn't affect me. With a burst of steam, the gun and mags turned from orange to a dark grey colour. Now that I had a firearm, I still had one thing missing... ammo. I mean, I can't use a gun if I have no ammo. I believe that finding bullets is going to be a challenge since this place in way too friendly to have guns. There was another problem too. This gun is made out of iron which isn't supposed to be used for firearms. It's too weak. I needed to find some Carbon to add to the gun to turn it into steel. But an iron pistol isn't useless.
I decided to attempt to fix the cabin roof. I had an idea what I can use to cover the hole but I needed to look for something else. I went inside and went into the room with the tools and opened the toolbox. The contents were a couple of screwdrivers and a box of nails, good. I took the nails, I didn't have a hammer but the firearm I made can be used as one instead. I approached the remains of the table and snapped the other legs off, I then dragged the now legless table outside. I used my wings to get on the roof with the wood, nails and gun. I was going to place the wooden slab over the hole until I noticed that there were some stuff in the attic. Most of the items is useless junk but then I saw a PC. I booted up the PC to see if anything was left inside. There were only two items inside: a TM and an HM. I extracted them to find out what moves they contain. The HM was Fly, and the TM contained Dragonbreath. I headed to the exit when I spotted the hatch on the floor so I could come back up there whenever I wanted to. I exited the attic via the hole when I noticed that Draco just woke up.
"Hey, Draco!" I called out to him holding up the machines. He turned to me. "Look what I found! They seem to be in working condition." He ran over to me. "Take the TM. The HM will have to wait until you evolve." I tossed the TM to him and he used it. He replaced his Dragon Rage with it.

I proceeded to patch the hole with the table. The table patched the hole well but it was best to look for something else. This might have sounded extreme, but I decided to teach Draco how to speak English. It shouldn't be very hard. He seemed to understand English it's just that he can't speak it. I wanted to do the same with Patricia later.
"Draco. Come inside. I need to teach you human speech. It'll be easier to talk to you." I told him. He nodded then entered the cabin with me. It took some time but I managed to get him to remember how to speak. It was quite limited at the time but it would have improved later on.
"So Draco. Let's test out your speech. What are your current moves?" I asked him.
He surprisingly replied "I have Scratch, Metal Claw, Dragonbreath and Ember" in a croaky tone. I was impressed how well he can speak. I didn't think it would work. Immediately I called Patricia over to do the same to her. It took a bit longer than Draco but she eventually learned how to speak.
"Well done, Patricia." I told her.
"Thank you, Thanatos" she replied. Her done was very soft as expected. She seemed to have a slight British accent.
"Hey, Thanatos!" Ghaster called out. "Come over here". He was on the other side of a river facing the cliff.

I joined Ghaster to see a dark cave. Facing the entrance "Damn, what is that smell?" I complained
"A bad smell?" He asked. I forgot that he was a ghost, his senses are limited.
"Yeah, it smells like something rotten. Something might have died down there. Then again, that doesn't smell like rotten flesh."
"What could it be then?"
"I have an idea but I need to be sure. I'll get the torch. You want to come?" I asked him.
"Yeah, I'm as curious as you are." He answered.

I crossed the lake again to get the used torch. There's no need to waste it.
"Draco, me and Ghaster will be back in a moment." I told him.
"Where are you going?" He asked.
"We'll be going through a cave he found. There's an awful smell coming from the entrance too."
"Don't be too long" he ordered me.
"We won't be that long. We're just having a look."
He nodded. So I proceeded to go with Ghaster holding a lit torch. I hoped the smell wouldn't get to strong. My nose is sensitive as it is.

I was glad I took the torch or we wouldn't be able to see a thing. We saw patches of brass that I could use for bullet casings. We headed further and further down until we reached some old and anchient ruins. It would have been interesting to check out but there was one problem. We found what the source of the smell was, Sulphur. A lot of it too covering the ground below.
"Just as I thought" I told Ghaster "Sulphur. As useful as it is to make gunpowder, it's not very easy to approach when it's found like this."
"Did it always smell this bad?" He asked.
"Not all the time. If there's a lack of oxygen then yes, it'll smell like rotten eggs. I can assure you that this is what I'm smelling now, and it's bad."
He attempted to name a example "Like a rotton carcase when it get's TOO much oxygen."
"Sort of. We'd better get out of here. The smell is unbearable." I said as we left the ruins.

We reached the surface and joined Draco and Patricia.
"What did you find down there?" Draco asked.
"Sulphur, without oxygen so it smells so bad. We also found copper along the walls which I can use for bullet casings." I answered.
"You said you wanted to make a gun. What do you still need?" He asked.
I listed down everything "We still need Sulphur, charcoal and Potassium Nitrate for gunpowder. Copper and Zinc for bullet casings and Carbon for the gun itself"
"You know that you can get charcoal from the shop and everything else from the professor's lab." He explained
"Well, there's no need to buy charcoal. I can make it myself. I just need to burn some wood. And I know where to get Sulphur and Copper. But everything else I'll go to the lab and get it. Thanks Draco." I thanked him.
"No problem."
Patricia noted "You might need something to cover your mouth and nose up when you go down there. Who knows what that stuff can do?"
"Oh I know what it does. If the fumes are inhaled in a large enough amount it can severely damage the lungs. So you're right."
Ghaster interrupted "I can get it for you. I have no lungs."
"Are you sure you can go down there by yourself?" I asked him.
"I'll be alright. I just need something to carry it in."
I ran inside and grabbed the box of nails and tipped it into the toolbox. Luckily the box was air-tight. I then gave it to Ghaster.
"Use this, It's airtight. Don't worry about the Copper either. I can get that. The sulphur fumes there aren't strong." I assured him.
"Okay, then we have a plan." He responded

Ghaster hovered through the cave and down into the ruins while I followed down to the copper we found with the pick from the tool room. The pick was a bit rusty but still strong. I swung the pick into the ore over and over again. I managed to get plenty of Copper when Ghaster came back up with a box full of the reddish liquid. I gathered the copper and we reached the surface. We placed all of the supplies just near the entrance of the cabin. Meanwhile I decide to have another visit to Pallet Town.

After a ton of flying down to Pallet Town I entered the laboratory and Oak wasn't there, but his assistant was.
"Hello sir. How can I help you?" He greeted.
"G'day, I need a list of items if you don't mind. I just hope you have what I need" I answered.
"Of course. I'll give you what I can. Name them"
"Okay, I need Carbon, Zinc and Potassium Nitrate"
He suspected something "Potassium Nitrate? You aren't planning to blow something up are you?"
"No, no, no. It's just for some self defence." I had to tell him the truth "I'm a great gunsmith. I'm making myself a firearm. We've had a lot of trouble with Team Rocket"
"Yeah, me and my Pokemon. We've all been through their garbage."
"Okay then. I'll get the stuff"
He returns with a chunk of Carbon, a block of Zinc and a vial of Potassium Nitrate.
"Thank you." And I started to leave.
"Come back whenever you need." he called out.

I returned to the camp with the materials. I immediately went inside and got the gun and magazines, smelting them with my breath them while mixing them with the carbon. The newly developed steel was then reshaped into a firearm. The additional materials allowed me to make four empty mags. The next step was the gunpowder. Using the used up camp fire I grabbed a chunk of charcoal. I grinded the coal with my claws to create a powder. I mixed the black powder with the required ammount of Potassium Nitrate and Sulphur to create gunpowder. To make sure it works I grabbed a pinch and took it outside. I placed the powder in the ground next to the river then lit it up. It exploded like firecrackers which is what I wanted. I then grabbed a chunk of copper ore and the zinc then smelted and mixed the two to create brass. I reshaped the brass into as much bullets as I could. I cooled the brass down with the river water then took the fresh bullet casings to the gunpowder in the cabin. After a whole lot of struggling with the materials I had. I finally created functional bullets. I loaded the bullets into the magazines which wasn't very fun. I then loaded the gun with a loaded mag. Turning it into a functional, loaded firearm.

I left the cabin with the loaded 9mm. "There we go. A functional firearm." I told the others
"So that's a gun. It's impressive." Draco commented.
"Just wait until you see this shoot something."
I looked at the lake to see a Magikarp swimming upstream. I aimed the gun at it then pulled the trigger. After a loud bang we saw a blood cloud in the water indicating that I landed the hit.
"Don't worry about getting more bullets. I can use duplication spell on them so it saves the trouble."
"Well, that saves all the trouble." Draco said.
"Hey, I'm thinking of taking a flight to get my bearing on the area. I'm thinking of taking you all with me. Do you guys want to come?"
"Wait, you mean we can ride you?" Patricia exclaimed
"That's pretty much it"

I apologise for the complicated science in the middle of the story but I wanted to get every single detail. If you skipped that part then I don't mind. But that's the end of chapter 3. It's a bit boring, I know but I'll get more exciting in the next chapter.

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