Beauty Divine, Pain Be Thine FINAL

Final few chapters of Aphrodite's journey.

Chapter 8


Five days later, Aphrodite was surrounded by familiar faces. The Goddess, Shea, Tristan, Dom, Ky, Keegan, and all of the other demigod children were together on a stretch of private beach, gathered around two funeral pires. The bodies of Amara and Chloe had been preserved for as long as possible, but it could be held off no longer. The ceremonial coins were laid upon their eyes, and funeral shrouds placed over them.

Ky spoke all the proper recitations for laying Demigods to rest, gazing at all the sad faces, and began his eulogy. "Today is a sad day for all of us. These young women had been with us for nearly six years, and we had all come to know and love them. Amara lost her way, blinded by her faith and loyalty to her matron, Hera. We pray forgiveness and mercy for her immortal soul in the Underworld. As for Chloe, she gave her life in service to protect not only a goddess, but a friend. She will surely be given an eternal place of rest in Elysium. We thank this woman for her unending dedication and undying love. She was a light in the darkness to many, a friendly face to all. Rest well, our fallen soldiers."

A tear fell from Aphrodite's eye as she stepped up onto the funeral pire and placed a kiss on her friend's forhead over the shroud. "I'm sorry, Chloe." She stepped away, taking hold of the torch, and lighting the dry grass that had been placed below the pire as kindling. She handed the torch to Ky, who lit Amara's.

Aphrodite would forever be grateful to the people who had fought for her, and for her young friend who had given her life so that the goddess may live. She gazed appreciatively around her, vowing to never again take advantage of the true love she'd been gifted with. She swore all of this on the life of the little thing growing inside her belly.

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