Weight gain tips

Weight gain tips

This is for people who want to get fat or who are just anorexic. I’m mainly pointing out to skinny and fat people who want to be fat or want to get fatter. Don’t be afraid to get fat cause it’s attractive, you don’t have to be athletic and there’s no end to what you can eat! You’re friends will not care about you being fat they true friends if your friends are fat then you will be able to eating contests and lots of fun you don’t have to be skinny because if your fat it’s like a built in heater!

Chapter 1

What to eat and benefits

So you should eat until you have a rock hard belly and eat a lot of cake,chocolate and takeaway but you should also have fruit because you need the healthy stuff too but just eat a lot of junk food have an apple or something once or twice a month. Drink a lot of energy drink like Red Bull or monster and when drinking those energy drinks do absolutely nothing because if you don’t use that sugar it will turn into fat! Which is good fat weight gain because of how much sugar energy drinks have. Buy extra big clothes also I would recommend buy small clothes and normal clothes big clothes because you will need something to fit that big belly into small clothes because who doesn’t want to show of there fat belly and see how much bigger ther belly is normal clothes can also show how much youve gained but there for wearing in the time being. Also try to find elastic jeans because most fat people don’t like normal jeans unless they fit ther big bum and thighs in which i find hard 😂 cause if you look at my profile pic you can probably I’m a bit big for jeans I find it hard too get my bum in them, my thighs felt so trapped in them and obviously gave me an overhang. There are benefits of being fat to. Like having a lot of room for food, your belly and other fat makes you warm so you don’t need to have so much clothes in the winter. No exercise! You can watch tv all day eat delicious food and binge. You don’t get sick as easy like skinny people do and who hates big fat jiggly thighs?! They are the best! Comment and tell me thoughts about you and weight gain!!!


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