Jack Frost for Christmas (I've wanted to write this story forever! Read Intro for the funny story behind it)

Okay, so I was talking with my mom who's been watching a lot of Hallmark movies lately. I won't lie, some Hallmark movies are so bad they're good. I've always wanted to write a sappy, romantic Christmas story like a Hallmark movie and I finally did it! I kinda hate myself for letting my Hallmark side come through, but at the same time, writing this story made me happy so I shouldn't care haha.

Chapter 2

Kind-of Opposites Attract

Jack was my savior. It didn’t take me long to warm up to the sweetheart with shaggy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He was a goof, there was no denying that, but he was a charming goof. He loved making people laugh. Our teacher didn’t appreciate his clowning-around as much as I did, but we balanced each other out. I’d help him with the reading and subtraction, because I was the brains, he’d force me to have fun, because let’s face it, I needed it.

I told him about my family situation a few weeks after we first met. At first, I was really shy about it. My worst fear was that he’d tell everyone, then I’d really be stuck with a foster family or word would get back to my aunt and uncle, making my life at home even worse. Jack just hugged me, and promised that he’d never tell anyone, except for his Grandfather who he lived with, who would also keep my secret. He also promised that we’d stick together no matter what. Neither of us had parents, neither of us had siblings, neither of us had a normal life. That bond glued us together for years.

There really isn’t a phrase for friends who aren’t polar opposites, but aren’t similar people either. That un-named phrase is what Jack and I were. Both of us are goofballs, Jack was just more outgoing about it than I was. He was also a thousand times more artistic and creative. I on the other hand, could run circles around him when it came to academics. In middle school, we paired up for the science fair. I collected all the data for our experiment about growing lentils in different conditions, and he did all the artwork and design on the poster. Our project was the blue ribbon. Both of us loved to swim, when my evil aunts and uncles would let me out of the house, and when they wouldn’t, Jack would bring the fun to me. He’d write on a whiteboard and I’d read it from the tiny little window in my tiny little room, or we’d play games of hangman back and forth.

Our favorite thing to do when we had the chance, was to head into town on Fridays after school, when my aunt and uncle were at their senior-club-drink-a-thon. We’d start by sitting under the oak tree in the park, doing whatever homework we had, or I’d read a book aloud and Jack would draw the illustrations. Sometimes he’d be rebellious and just draw me instead. After he’d treat me to a movie, or dinner at the diner or cafe, or we’d hit the mall. Sometimes we’d just stay home and watch Jeopardy, and he’d always be amazed at how many I got right. Somehow, despite my awful life at home, we made it work. Neither of us needed anyone else as long as we had each other. Okay, we needed his grandfather, because Grandpa Bert acted as a caregiver to us both, but still. Jack and I were a dynamic duo.

I was the tall and chubby one, Jack was the shorter and scrawny one. I had curly, frizzy, auburn curls, Jack had blond spikes. I had glasses and got braces in middle school, Jack lucked out and had perfect vision and teeth. I was clumsy, he was coordinated. I had patience, he was pushy. I was shy, he was outgoing. It was a perfect balancing act. It’s honestly a good thing, to spend time with someone who balances you out.

Because we spent so much time together, I learned nearly everything there was to know about him, including all his quirks. For example, Jack never minded the cold. It was kind of freaking. Mid-november when the temperature would plummet, and everyone else would shiver into school with a heavy coat and mittens and hats and scarves, he’d bounce in a light jacket and that was it. “I’m not a wuss like the rest of you” he’d brag. It also somehow magically snowed every time he wanted it to from December to March, whether the weatherman called for it or not. Plus he had hands like ice, even during the summer, that seemed to spread a chill to whatever he touched. He told me once that he had such cold hands because of “bad blood flow” but I didn’t really buy it. Since he got pretty defensive about anytime I’d ask after that, I just stopped asking. Come to think of, he never really liked to talk about his past or anything like that. He just said that he lived with grandpa because he had no idea who his mom was, it was almost like he didn’t have one, and his dad was busy “solving the world’s problems”. When I’d probe further, he’d just shut me down. Still, I loved Jack and all his weird, little quirks. Everyone has a few. Eventually though, I started to pick up on his quirks, never getting cold despite the air conditioner blasting, and feeling like my hands were icy cold.

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