villeinbob squarepants

villeinbob squarepants

what how nooooooo wait maybe it isn't so bad

Chapter 1

what the heck Spongebob what the heck

by: Nova07

in spongebobs pineapple spongebob got a phone call. it was 2:30 am. spongebob answered the phone. it sounded like Patrick he said "mommy says i'm a special snowflake!" spongebob hung up when down stairs to the fridge.he open'd it he ate a lot of ice cream. but he did not no there was a ghost in his ice cream. spongebob went over to Gary picked him and said "mommy says i'm a special snowflake" in a Patrick like voice the tossed Gary out window but Gary just wanted to drink out of toilet water. poor little guy. then spongebob went back to sleep. he woke up the next morning. he went over to squid wards house knocked on the door and squidward came over. he said "me a special toilet." and trough a bomb at spongebob it bounced of of him. bye bye he said and sandy saw it and thought " whats the number for 911?" and then remembered so she called 911. the cop said poo op i poop will poop come poop right over poop. so he did they arrested spongebob. but he escaped. . and ran to Bollywood to becume a famous snowflake. was patrick deid of stupidness and possessed spongebob but why was he evil. ilumintai comfermed.

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