A Regal Love (FFXV fanfic)

A Regal Love (FFXV fanfic)

This one is for all you Noctis Lucis Caelum fans out there

Chapter 1

Stand By Me

Lately it's hard to tell who's the parent and who's the child. Mom would go out all the time,leaving me to take care of my bratty teenage little sister by myself. Even worse,whenever Mom leaves me home with my sister,My friend James and his girlfriend Harley always mysteriously 'disappear". I felt like I was the mom-and I was only twenty.Missy even said," Yoou should be enjoying your youth while it lasts."
This was always how it was,but one night changed everything. Mom went out wth boyfriend of the week-and my ex Anthony-and like always she left me to cook and care for my spoiled little sister Louise. After dinner I lay on the couch,so exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open. I thought I'd just take a nap for a little while. It was around midnight when i awoke with a start and noticed my little sister was missing! "Crap! crap crap crap!" I panicked as I looked all over the house. I suddenly heard a loud and ungodly sound,like rusty iron groaning. " What the hell was that?!" I said as I ran outside,where I saw Louise runnning from some kind of Iron Giant monster. I quickly grabbed my sister,put her in the house, and ran back out. I grabbed whatever I could use as a weapon-a spiked iron pole- and bravely tried to either kill it or drive it back wherever the hell it came from.

I admit I was terrified of the giant monster-hell I thought I was gonna die-when suddenly a streak of light darted past me. A black haired young man appeared and blocked it's attack with a greatsword.' "Need a hand?" he said.
"Thanks!" I said as we fought together as a team.
Once the Iron giant was defeated he said," You're pretty tough."
" Well someone's got to protect my little sister," I replied," I'm Rose."
" My name's Noctis,or Noct.Doesn't matter." he replied with that nonchalant smile that I thought was kinda cute.
"I owe ya one Noct," I said,"If you hadn't shown up i would have been done for. Tell you what. You can stay as long as you need. i'll explain to Missy how you saved my life."
"Sounds good." Noctis agreed.

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