A Collection of Snapshots, Imagines, and Lemons

So lately I've been reading a lot of snapshots, imagines, and lemons and I was like, I can do this it doesn't look to hard. These are going to xreader. If you have anyone you'll like me to do just send a pm. Also I won't mind some new ideas.

Chapter 2

Joker X Fat Reader

by: Jokiegmi

Hello cupcakes!! This is my fist one and I am sooo sorry if it sucks. If I get anything wrong feel free to tell me. I hope you guys really like this. Love you all :-* ~J

(y/n)'s POV

"Hey Fatso" you sighed already knew who it was. You turn and see Derek, the head striker/quarterback. With his (f/e/c) and (f/h/c) he was supposedly the hottest guy in school but the fact that he bullied you always turned you off. As usual he is with his clique of friends. They make fat jokes about you and become very offense.

You feel water on your (e/c) eyes. You blink as a tear falls.

Joker's POV

I was just coming out of an ice cream store (even villains like ice cream) when I saw her. Her beautiful curves and her (h/l), (h/c). She looked amazing. She also looked like she was having trouble. I pulled out my gun and shot at one of the teens in front of her.

(Y/N)'s POV

You here the gunshot as one of Derek's friends drops to the ground. One of the girls screams as they start running.

"Hello Beautiful" a voice says sending shivers down your spine. You turned around and saw a guy with skin as pale as ghosts and green hair. You immediately knew who it was. The infamous Joker, Mr. J, the Clown Prince of Crime. His cold blue eyes scared you but it was almost like you could see something in them...

Joker's POV

I smile as she looks me over. She is even more beautiful up close. Her (s/c) skin and her lovely (e/c) eyes. She smiles and my heart stops.

(Y/N)'s POV

He leans into your ears. 

"You are mine now" he whispers as he leads you into his purple Lamborghini. The two of you leave as you hear sirens approaching. Life was beginning to get better.

(A/n) I had written this a while ago but I got a new phone and discovered I lost everything!!!! I am so sorry😥😥

Remember Cupcakes, that requests are open.

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