A Collection of Snapshots, Imagines, and Lemons

So lately I've been reading a lot of snapshots, imagines, and lemons and I was like, I can do this it doesn't look to hard. These are going to xreader. If you have anyone you'll like me to do just send a pm. Also I won't mind some new ideas.

Chapter 3

Joker X Jokie

by: Jokiegmi

Jokie sighed as she sat down on the bed. Her Prince had gone out and wasn't back and it was their 2nd Anniversary. She smiled remembering how they met.

It was her first time robbing a bank. Gotham's newest psychotic criminal, she was determined to prove her worth. She grabbed a hostage as she nodded her men on. One of the cashers had raised the alarm and Batman was on his way. As she rushed to finish up the job, a purple Lamborghini pulled up. Out stepped her role model, The Joker. He entered into the bank grinning. "Hello Dollface." He said as he took the hostage from her and threw him aside. "You better come with me before the Old Bat gets here." His form towered over her as she nodded in her awesome height of 5'4.5 in. She got the money bag from one of her minions and told them to leave. Taking Mr. J's hand she left the building and entered into the Lamborghini.

That was over three years ago. She lay down and closed her eyes, dozing off.

About 30 mins later Joker walked in and smiled. His Queen was asleep. He kissed her forehead waking her up.

"I'm sorry that I'm late, Love. I wanted to get you this." He handed her a box. She hugged him collecting it and dropping it on the bed.

"I don't care about it. I'm just happy you weren't taking back to the Asylum." She said kissing him. He sighs pulling back.

"Just open it." Jokie picked up the box and opened it. Inside was the most beautiful ring she had ever seen.

 Inside was the most beautiful ring she had ever seen

She gasped as he put it on her engagement finger. "It's so beautiful!!! I love it." She said as tears came down her eyes. 

Mister J smiled. Not his usual sadistic smile. A real smile. "I love you so much Jokie. Your my Queen and I would love for you to be with me in all my crimes and rule by my side. I may not always be loving. I may hurt you in many ways. But know that I will always love you. Please do me the honor of becoming my wife." She smiled nodding as the tears came down more. "I love you too." She managed to choke out as he kissed her tears away. He helped her out of her dress and pulled her on him kissing her. "I can't wait to spend the rest of my days with you."

Eeeeeeek I love this chapter. Because Cupcakes, if you haven't noticed, I am in love with my Prince of Crime. 😍😍😍💜💜💜

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