An Adept's Embrace (A Golden Sun fanfic)

hey guys,Brand new fanfic this time.Never before attempted to write one about the Golden Sun series.Hope it comes out great.

And the part about the rosary is a tribute to my great grandma Rose,who passed away a few months ago

R.I.P Grandma Rose,you will be missed

Chapter 2


I'll never forget the day Missy brought him here.There was something about him. Whether it was those piercing blue eyes or the way he carried himself,I thought he was very attractive." Rose,this is Isaac...he's going to be staying with us.'

As we shook hands a strange brown creature that wasn't quite cat,but not dog either jumped out."

"What the heck?" I said as I jumped.

" Hey Isaac,she's really pretty," it said.

"Holy can talk?"

Isaac chuckled," That's Flint,a Djinni."

I looked at Isaac for a second. Missy explained,"He's not the the dime a dozen guy your mother brings home.Isaac is a Venus Adept-in other words,he can do Earth based magic."

I was a bit confused but i had to admit,being able to do elemental magic must be pretty cool. I thought Isaac was pretty cool and a nice guy as we talked. James unfortunately didn't share my admiration. "Who the hell is this?" James said.

"James,this is Isaac-"

"What the hell is he doing here?!" James demanded.

"He's going to be staying for awhile-and stop acting like a total butt wipe!" I snapped," You don't own me James-we're not even dating you big dope!"

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