An Adept's Embrace (A Golden Sun fanfic)

hey guys,Brand new fanfic this time.Never before attempted to write one about the Golden Sun series.Hope it comes out great.

And the part about the rosary is a tribute to my great grandma Rose,who passed away a few months ago

R.I.P Grandma Rose,you will be missed

Chapter 3

A Forming Bond

Over time I began to really trust and like Isaac. One day after a fight with Mom i sat down. Isaac looked at me with concern in his eyes and asked," What's wrong Rose?"

"Mom....again," I sighed as i shook my head," I'm tired of her treating her boyfriends-who by the way used to be MY boyfriends-like gold and me like garbage."

He placed a hand on my shoulder. "Listen to me Rose," Isaac gently said,' You deserve just as much respect as they do-if not more. I think-"

Suddenly we heard a crash as Flint went sailing over our heads and ended up crashing into a tree.

"Ouch," I said as I picked up the Venus Djinni,"You okay? That had to hurt."

"Who put urine in her coffee?" Flint commented.

"Did Mom throw you out the window?!" I asked with my eyes in shock as i pulled some shards of glass from him.

" All I did was say Hello! Can't believe a nice girl like Rose came from that piece of trash," Flint said,

"At least you're okay," Isaac replied,"Rose, are you sure you weren't adopted-there's no way that cruel woman is your mother.

"Wish I could say that I was," I said as James started getting mad that I was spending time with Isaac than with him."What the hell Rose? I thought we were friends?!"

Oh God-not this again. "A girl can have more than one friend James!"

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