An Adept's Embrace (A Golden Sun fanfic)

hey guys,Brand new fanfic this time.Never before attempted to write one about the Golden Sun series.Hope it comes out great.

And the part about the rosary is a tribute to my great grandma Rose,who passed away a few months ago

R.I.P Grandma Rose,you will be missed

Chapter 5

Inner Power

Over time I'd had enough of Mom's constant verbal and physical abuse. I felt the rage building up inside me, as well as something else. It was barely noticeable at first, but whenever Mom and I got into an argument, I felt the ground tremor beneath my feet-and last time I remembered, Pennsylvania almost never has earthquakes. I assumed it was Isaac doing that at first-but wait, Isaac was still sleeping.

When he awoke, Mom started screaming and cursing at him-and Isaac didn't even do anything!

I felt the tremors grow stronger and a wave of energy rush through me as I yelled," LEAVE....ISAAC.....OUT OF THIS!"

A huge chunk of stone smacked Mom-hard. I was absolutely shocked! What the hell did I just do?!"

Isaac looked at me and calmly said," Wow, I didn't realize you were a Venus Adept too!"

"I'm a what?"

"A Venus Adept. You just used Stone Spire Psynergy," Isaac explained," But why so late? I learned I was a Venus Adept when i was sixteen"

I don't know," I said.

I was amazed that i had that power.Who knew?

Isaac sat next to me and said," Although, it's possible that due to your mother's abuse your Psynergy connection was delayed. Unfortunately I've heard of a few cases like that.When you stood up to your mother just now, it must have awakened your Psynergy..."

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