The Journey Of The Five Cursed Kids: Book 1

If I knew what was going to happen that night with my four friends, then I might have stayed home. But I always wondered what would have happened if I didn’t go. But deep down inside, I’m happy I went because even though it wasn’t the best thing, it did bring something new to us, something we wouldn’t want to give up or share with anyone.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The worried mother

Justin's P.O.V

        Darren had texted me saying everyone was going to meet up at our usual hang out spot and we would talk about what we would do there and that it would be in at least an hour. I texted back that I would be able to make it on time, if I got ready and that I would text him when I was almost there.

As I began to pack my bag for which I knew would be another awesome adventure and summer that I and my friends were about to go my mom walked into my room.

" I know I can't stop you and your friends from doing crazy stuffs, so please promise me you guys will be safe and don't get into too much trouble. " Said my mom in a concerned tone.

My mom never really stopped me from doing anything. She felt the only way I would learn is to experience it myself, and that's why I loved and respected her more than ever.

" We'll try our best mom. Don't worry too much. Darren will be there and you know how he is, when it comes to us being safe, and especially since what happened last summer. He told me that he will pack a first aid kit and he has also been taking first aid courses on the weekends, so I think we will be ready for anything. " I said as I started biting into a piece of buttered toast my mom had handed me.

She stared at me for a moment, not saying a word. I knew what she was thinking. What would my dad have said, if he was here? 

I sighed as I considered my mother's sad blue eyes.

" I don't think he would stop me or my friends from doing what we do. I think he would even go with us, so he wouldn't be left out in the fun. I miss him too, mom, " I spoke softly to her as I slowly stood up.

I wanted to be firm, but not seem rude at the same time.

" I know. You remind me so much of him. Just be safe for me and him, " She told me as she started to turn around.

I quickly grabbed her by the wrist and turned her around. That's when I just hugged her.

I could tell she was surprised by it. Because for a moment, she didn't hug me back. But slowly she started to wrap her arms around me.

" Mom, I promise you that you won't lose me like we lost my dad. We are just trying to explore something new and different. Mom, I love you and I want to come home to you as well. " I said in a soothing voice.

She started to laugh which caused me to laugh as well.

" I'm supposed to be the soothing here, since I'm the adult. " She said with a smirk.

I just shook my head and grabbed my bag and headed to the door.

" I don't want to keep them waiting, so I'll be on my way mom. Love you. "

And with that, I was off to my crew's favorite place to eat to discuss our next adventures or what would be the beginning of the adventure.

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