It's there.

Poem about emotional abuse.

Chapter 1

It's there.

People will say it isn't real

What you’re dealing with isn’t

That big a deal

You’re just exaggerating


But let me tell you something

Because I've seen it with my own eyes

If you’ve ever been wary

Of everyone you know

All the ones you trust

Because you expect them to get angry make fun of you

Or start making threats

Something’s wrong you can bet

If you’ve had to plan things

In anticipation

Of a tantrum

You fear will be taken out on you something’s wrong

And it isn't you

If you succumb to demands

Because you’re unsure if their threats

Are empty or legit

So you play it on the safe side something’s definitely not right

If you find yourself jumping

At small noises

In anticipation

That they’re the start of a tantrum something’s wrong

And it's not your fault

If you hide things

Especially things that make you happy because you’re so afraid

That they’ll make fun of you

Scold you for liking something they don’t

Or that they’ll defile them and ruin that love you have for them, something’s wrong

If you're silent in the face of mild disagreements

Or thinly-veiled insults

Rather than standing up for yourself

Because you just don’t want 

An argument and make things worse something’s wrong.

If that lack of standing up for yourself

Eventually leads to you never offering

Your opinion in any sort of discussion

Out of fear of ridicule

Or being scolded

Because that’s what you’re so used to, something’s wrong.

If you end up spending most of your time in your room

Keeping to yourself

Keeping any trip outside of your room

To an absolute minimum

Because you don’t want to risk

Being out of line

Getting in the way

Setting off a tantrum

Even though

You know that hiding out

Will also cause an issue

And you’re just minimizing

The risk instead of erasing it entirely

Something’s wrong

If you ever habitually glance outside

To keep watch for their car

To return from their work

Errand or trip

And then heading to your room

Or other hiding place

Just to keep out of their way

Hiding any obvious signs that you’ve

Been out and about

In the rest of your living space, something’s wrong. And it's abuse.

Don’t you dare tell me it isn’t real.

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