TVD Meets TO Meets TW, just something different and only slightly complicated I've been listening to a lot of country music lately...true facts

This is originally fictional, please keep rude comments to yourselves, I'm sorry if it sucks, my friends can join me if interested as always and thank you guys so much for your time


Chapter 1


Stefan sacrificed himself to kill Katherine once and for all hoping to save Damon and maybe give him a second chance (this you know), what you don't know is when Stefan died though it wasn't the first time, it was the final time...but despite all of that I didn't cry, you think I would of but I didn't...in fact it felt as if a part of me died along with him.

I packed my things, sent my kids to live with Melissa, knowing at this point she would be a better Mother to them then I could be and headed off to California

When I got to California I shut off my phone needing time away to grieve (Elijah and I both chose to escape only difference is I choose to keep my memory)

I arrived at Kol's and knocked on the door

I smiled when the door opened to reveal Davina standing there

"No one can know I'm here but I had no where else to go" I said honestly

Davina nodded before allowing me into her home

"Kol, Angel's here" Davina called up the steps as the front door closed behind me

She then lead me into the kitchen to make the three of us tea

I sat at the table and thought of my next step as I waited for Kol to come downstairs

Davina poured our tea as Kol walked into the kitchen and I stood before the two of us shared a hug

"Stefan's gone" I said honestly finally crying into my younger brother's shoulder

"I'm so sorry" Kol said

"Can I stay here a few days, I can't go home...I don't really think i'll ever feel at home there without him again...I promise it won't be forever just until I can figure out what's next" I said honestly

"You're always welcome here, Davina will set up the guest room for you" Kol said

I glanced at Davina, she nodded before standing up to hug me as well

"Stay as long as you need" she said before heading upstairs to set up the guest room for me

I smiled then allowed Kol to hug me back

I stayed with Kol and Davina for a few days as promised before promising to keep in touch and heading to Beacon Hills wanting to see my friends...it's a tradition, everytime I visit Kol, I go see my friends as well

I pulled into the Carver drive way and got out before knocking on the door

I had to remind myself not to cry when I saw Ethan, he had left for a reason (his twin brother died during the war) the point was he was home now

The door opened a few minutes later and Ethan smiled seeing me before we shared a hug

"Kol called, I'm so sorry" Ethan said

"Thanks, can I come in?" I asked

"I was going to meet Danny...but um I can cancel if you need to talk" Ethan said

"Nothing to talk about, go have fun...i'll go make the rounds. Maybe we'll meet up for dinner" I said

Ethan nodded with a smile

"7 o'clock ok?" He asked

"Perfect" I said

Ethan smiled again before giving me another hug

"I'm happy you came back" he said

"Me too" I said with a smile of my own before we both walked over to our cars

I said hi to all of my Beacon Hills friends before meeting Ethan for dinner around 7

A few days later I finally knew what I had to do, they say "the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else", so I hugged Ethan promised to talk to him soon and headed to the airport

Once at the airport I bought a one way ticket to France, went through security and boarded my plane

Almost 11 hours later my plane landed in France, I got off of the plane, grabbed my shoulder bag and left the airport

I took a taxi to the address Chris Argent gave Derek for me, paid my driver and climbed out, I then climbed the steps to the loft before knocking on the door...Isaac opened the door, smiled at me then pulled me into a hug and lead me inside


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