Forcible Education and Writing again.

I must be the only person who still gets on here. why? It's because I'm a loyal, sentimental prick. I used to have friends how got on here a lot, then periodically, but now its been two years since I've heard from any of them. I've been a member since 2009. If you've been on that long... let me know. I started college this year and they have been slowly trying to kill me... suffocating me with essays and what not. And so i think I've been writing again. Howboudah

Chapter 1

The Feeling of Nothing


This is an old pain.

I cannot cry about it

I cannot think about it

I can't do something about it

I cannot find a thing to do

i can not feel sad about it

I cannot consider the symptoms

I cannot tell you about it

This is how I feel about

That it happend

It is the feeling of nothing

cut me open so i can feel it

why don't you

the feeling of nothing


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