Dark Side

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Chapter 1


Name: Tasha Salvatore

Nickname: Tash

Age: 18

Best Friends: Kol Mikaelson, Davina Claire, Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore

Secondary Best Friends: Valerie Tulle, Georgina "Georgie" Dowling, Nora Hildegard and Sybil

Close Friends: Meredith, Mikael, Freya, Elijah, Niklaus, Rebekah, Kai, Silas, Damon, Tom, Sarah, Jacob, Jeremy, Amara, Tatia and Katerina

Seconfary Close Friends: Nadia, Jackson, Aiden, Josh, Nick, Mary, Keelin, Hayley, Vicki, Kelly, Lexi, Mary Louise (for Nora), Beau and Malcolm

Other Friends: Matt, Peter, Enzo, Isobel, John, Sheila, Liz, Alaric, Jamie, Aaron, Liam, Liv, Luke, Jo, Joey, Lee, Bonnie and Anna

Aquenances: Lucy, April, Andie, Mason, Jules, Brady, Oliver, Gia, Pearl, Rose, Trevor, Maddox, Slater and Cody

Frenemies: Cade, Jenna, Qetisyah, Aurora, Celeste, Finn, Marcellus, Sofya, Vincent, Camille, Tristian, Markos, Lucien, Diego, Sophie and Thierry

Enemies: everyone else

Love Interest: Malachai Kai Parker

Family: Silas (Paternal Ancestor), Amara (Maternal Ancestor), Tatia and Katerina (Maternal Ancestors via Amara), Giuseppe Salvatore (Paternal Grandfather), Lillian "Lily" Salvatore (Paternal Grandmother), Johnathan "John" Gilbert II(Biological Maternal Grandfather), Isobel Flemmings (Biological Maternal Grandmother), Grayson Gilbert (Adopted Maternal Grandfather), Miranda Sommers-Gilbert (Adopted Maternal Grandmother), Alaric Saltzman (Maternal Step Grandfather via Isobel), Stefan Salvatore (Father), Elena Gilbert (Mother), Angela Mikaelson (Step Mother), Damon Salvatore (Paternal Uncle/Maternal Step Father), Jeremy Gilbert (Maternal Biological Second Cousin/Adopted Uncle), Jenna Sommers (Maternal Adopted Aunt), Sarah Nelson Salvatore (Paternal Distantly Related Cousin) and Tom Avery (Distantly Related Family via Silas and Stefan)

Occupation: College Student

Name: Merissa Salvatore 

Nickname: Rissa

Age: 18

Best Friends: Tasha Salvatore, Tiara Salvatore, Daniella Parker and Anastasia Saltzman she doesn't have many friends, nor does she want them

Enemies: everyone else

Love Interest: Joey Parker

Family: Melissa Cooper (Mother), Damon Salvatore (Hated Father), Stefan Salvatore (Uncle), Angela Mikaelson (Godmother/Aunt), Tasha and Tiara Salvatore (God cousins)

Occupation: College Student

Name: Daniella Parker 

Nickname: Dani or Ella 

Age: 18 

Best Friends: Tasha Salvatore, Tiara Salvatore, Anastasia Saltzman and Merissa Salvatore. 

Secondary Best Friends: Kai Parker, Katherine Pierce, Markos and Vincent Griffith

Close Friends: Klaus, Hayley, Elijah, Josh, Jackson, Davina, Cami, Stefan, Damon, Tyler, Matt, Alaric (For Anastasia), Jeremy, and Kol (for Tasha) 

Secondary Close Friends: Rebekah, Freya, Lucien, Tristan, Celeste, Elena, Silas, Tom Avery, Lily, Liv, Luke, Josie, Hope, Lizzie and Genevieve

Other Friends: Angela Mikaelson, Chastity Avery, Daisy Sætre, Melissa Cooper and Wesley Mikaelson

Aquenances: Tessa, Caroline, Seline, Sybil, Cade, Enzo, Jesse, Lee, Lexi, Mason, and Carol.

Frenemies: Liz, Bill, Richard, Giuseppe, Finn, Esther and Mikael. 

Enemies: everyone else 

Love Interest: Markos 

Family: Joshua Parker (Maternal Grandfather), Unnamed woman (Maternal Grandmother), Josette Parker (Mother), Unnamed father, Malachai 'Kai' Parker (Uncle/guardian), Liv, Luke and 5 other unnamed Parkers (Aunts and Uncles) 

Occupation: College Student

Chastity: Tiara Salvatore (Tasha's Twin Sister)

Wesley: Anastasia Saltzmen (Alaric's Little Sister and Damon's current lover but eventual wife)

i'll try to think of something for Avery, I forgot all about her

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