Petrova Twins

Petrova Twins

A Nina Dobrev Love Story (nothing gross) I don't swing that way

This is experimentally originally fictional it will not follow the series

Just something I wanted to try

Thank you so much for your time


Chapter 1

Story info so far

Katherine has a little sister but no information was ever given so I thought it might be fun to make Elena Katerina's twin just this once...before you correct me with TVD facts as to why it wouldn't be possible hear me out

Katherine and Elena are a lot alike

1. They look almost the same except Katherine perfers her hair to be more wavy

2. They've had similar love interests (Katherine loved Stefan and Elijah but lusted after Damon and Klaus...she also used Mason Lockwood for information on the moonstone/Elena loved Stefan and Damon but had a connection with Elijah and used to care for Matt before her life changed)

2. They can both be pretty selfish and self centered (Elena is more like Katherine in the books then on TV but it doesn't mean she doesn't have the tendency to think the world revolves around her)

3. They have similar faiths- they both fell in love with brothers while they were human, both fell in love with Stefan,a both choose Atefan, both got turned into vampires, were cured then died (only different Katherine had Nadia and killed herself to turn, Elena couldn't have children in a sense and was thrown off of wikery bridge by Rebekah and drawned)

4. Vampire Elena was Katherine and Human Katherine was Elena (Katherine said Elena was sweet and delicate, she needed people to protect her...when Katherine was cured she finally learned what being taken care of felt a vampire Elena was mean, bloodthirsty and thought nothing could hurt her, but like Katherine once she finally accepted her faith, Elena learned to tap into her Petrova nature and became a self preservationist, she did whatever it took to servive and I believe if Stefan had let her be the Vampire she was meant to be Elena would of been fine...Katherine was going to die eventually what was so important they had to wait a season? Silas, Amara, doppleganger bloodline and dopplegangers being dawn togerher thanks to Markos' spell...sounds like a Stefan and Elena thing not a Katherine and Elena thing...oh maybe they wanted Katherine to meet her daughter, no because again that's not a Katherine and Elena thing)

5. They both reminded Elijah of Tatia- Katherine was the strength and Elena was the innocent (he loved that Katherine loved life despite all of the stuff she had been put through...he hated that Elena was turned because he was afraid she would lowe her true self otherwise but they both held her beauty)

6. Stefan saw forever with the both of them before it was taken away (Elena choose Damon and Katherine choose to run all because both girls needed time to figure things out)

And most importantly 7. Both girls lives changed at 18 (Katherine had her daughter and was thrown out...Elena survived a car accident and lived two years of human life only for both girls to be thrown into the supernatural world, suffer and die...Katherine actually dying and Elena bring in a comma which was as good as dead because though both were mentioned they weren't vital for the show to continue, at least not to most)

The books- all 13 of them revolve around Elena, Stefan and Damon while the others are only there to fill in the blanks; the show should of reflected that and at first it did but then supporting characters became main characters and the story wasn't based on the main love triangle anymore...that's why after Nina Dobrev left at the end of season 6 I didn't care as much and when Stefan died at the end of season 8, though I cried when he died in book 11, I felt nothing while watching it on TV.

I hope you like my story but it's ok if you don't

and as always my friends can join me if interested


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