Go The Distance

A Switched At Birth Love Story

This is originally fictional, it will not follow the series

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Chapter 1



Birth Name: Alexia 'Alexa' Anastasia Reycraft

Chosen Name: Alexa Reycraft

Nickname(s): Alex or Lexi

Petname: Lexa

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Friends: Co writers, Jeff Reycraft, Toby Kennish, Daphne Paloma Vasquez (born Bay Madeline Kennish), Bay Madeline Kennish (born Daphne Paloma Vasquez), Emmett Bledsoe, James "Wilke" Wilkerson III, Simone Sinclair (best friend), Ty Mendoza, Liam Lupo, Travis Barnes, Nikki Papagus (Kennish), Natalie Pierce, Miles "Tank" Conroy, Sharee, Iris, Greg "Mingo" Shimingo and Lily Summers (Frienemy)

Love Interest: Tobias Christopher "Toby" Kennish

Family: Jeff Reycraft (Older Brother)

Future Family:

Kathryn Kennish (Mother In Law),

John Kennish (Father In Law),

Barbara Kennish, Daphne Kennish and Bay Kennish (Sisters In Law), Stephanie Wilkerson (Niece via Barbara through Toby) and Camryn Wilkerson (Nephew via Barbara through Toby), Tobias Christopher "Toby" Kennish (Husband),

Carlton Kennish (Step Son) and Simona 'Simone' Sierra Kennish (Daughter)

Occupation: Waitress


Birth Name: Danielle Anna Vasquez 

Chosen Name: Danielle Vasquez 

Nickname(s): Dani or Anna 

Petname: Ellie (from Elle) 

Gender: Female 

Age: 18 

Friends: Alexia Reycraft, Bay Kennish, Daphne Vasquez, Emmett Bledsoe, James "Wilke" Wilkerson III (best friend), Ty Mendoza, Liam Lupo, Travis Barnes, Natalie Pierce, Miles "Tank" Conroy, Sharee, Iris and Greg "Mingo" Shimingo 

Love Interest: Emmett Bledsoe 

Family: Regina Vasquez (Mother), Unnamed Man (Father) after Bay's father left, Bay Kennish (Older Maternal Half Sister), Daphne Vasquez (Adopted Older Sister) 

Future Family: Emmett Bledsoe (Husband), Melody Bledsoe (Mother In Law), James Bledsoe (Son) and Bailey Bledsoe (Daughter) 

Occupation: Tutor


Birth Name: Barbara Jane Kennish 

Chosen Name: Barbara Kennish 

Nickname(s): Babs and Barb 

Petname: Baby 

Gender: Female 

Age: 18 

Friends: Alexa, Danielle, Bay, James, Emmett, Toby, Tank, Ty Mendoza (Best Friend), Jeff (for Alexa), Liam Lupo, Travis, Nikki, Sharee, Mingo, Iris and Daphne (Frenemy) 

Love Interest: James "Wilke" Wilkerson III 

Family: John Kennish (Father), Kathryn Kennish (Mother), Tobias Kennish (Older Brother), Bay Kennish (Adoptive Younger Sister), Daphne Kennish (Younger Sister) and Carlton Kennish (Nephew via Toby)  

Future Family: Alexa Reycraft (Sister In Law via Toby), Simona 'Simone' Sierra Kennish (Niece via Toby), James Wilkersoon III (Husband), Stephanie Wilkerson (Daughter) and Camryn Wilkerson (Son) 

Occupation: N/A


Birth Name: Mikhailo Matthew Mendoza 

Chosen Name: Matthew Mendoza 

Nickname(s): Mattie, Matt 

Petname: Babe 

Gender: Male 

Age: 17 

Friends: Alexa, Barbara, Danielle, Bay (Best Friend), Daphne, Emmett, Ty Mendoza, Sharee, Toby, Nikki, Simone, Iris, Mingo and Travis 

Love Interest: Daphne Vasquez 

Family: Ty Mendoza (Older Brother) 

Future Family: Daphne Vasquez-Mendoza (Wife), John and Kathryn Kennish (Biological Father and Mother In Law), Regina Vasquez (Adoptive Mother In law), Toby Kennish (Brother In Law), Barbara Kennish-Wilkerson (Sister In Law), Bay Kennish (Sister In Law), Alexa Kennish (Sister in law via Toby), James Wilkerson III (Brother in law via Barbara) 

Occupation: Employee at John's car wash

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