Top Features Of Custom Boxes

Top Features Of Custom Boxes

Packaging is one of the most important features for products of all kinds. Alongside actual product quality, the way they are packaged and presented for buyers will always be significant in their retail processes. Gone are the days when regular packaging boxes used to be sufficient for products offering protection, organization and maybe a little bit of easy handling. Today, with the retail market at its potential height in terms of competitiveness, you need special Custom Boxes that offer much

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Now you have brands competing for same products on retail shelves everyday.

Wholesale Custom Boxes for retail products now need to provide many other added functionalities. Some features products need to compete well in the retail space are:

·        Exquisite attractive box designs with unique shapes and dimensions

·        Bold and beautiful printed designs helping them catch attention

·        High quality materials that help with product protection and safety

·        Unique customization's presenting products in an attractive way

·        Fancy branding with efficient brand logo printing alongside other designs

When you are penciling down top features for your Custom Printed Boxes for products, all these requirements need to be kept in check. However, when you get your custom packaging from top packaging providers in the industry, you can expect following best features from it:

Custom Boxes Offer Maximum Product Safety and Protection

One of the best features custom packaging boxes have been offering since their introduction is their ability to offer maximum product safely. Products come with variable fragility levels that make them require protective packaging. That needed protection and safety is provided efficiently with suitable Custom Boxes.

Packaging designers and product manufacturers have experimented with many different materials for their packaging boxes. Card-stock in all its different forms, finishes and verities has always come up to be the best material for packaging boxes of all kinds.

Cardboard or corrugated materials that are made from card-stock can be shaped or cut into any shapes. These can also be printed with any required designs and can be surface laminated with any finishes as well. Available in a verity of thickness grades, card-stock can be as protective, rigid and durable as required for specific products.

Custom Printed Boxes are Beautifully Attractive

When it comes to the top features custom packaging boxes can offer, their ability to be beautifully attractive will always stand out. Getting the right kind of cardstock materials, you custom box packaging can be designed in any way required. One of the features you need to keep in mind is the intense competition all products face from competing ones on retail shelves.

With beautiful and attractive designs, Custom Printed Boxes can be that competitive edge product manufacturers might be looking for. Packaging boxes made from cardstock materials are very print-friendly as well. You can practically have any kinds of printed designs on them to make your boxed products gain maximum attention from potential buyers.

Overall color combinations with your printed boxes will always be responsible for the amount of attention they get on retail shelves. The balance might be rather thin. You have to find right printed designs and color finishes in order to keep the all important customer attention without making people divert a way.

Logo Printed Custom Boxes Offer Brand-Ability

As the retail landscape gets more intense every year with new players and brands joining, it is important to explore every avenue for brands. When it comes to branding and making your products get known better in the market, all marketing channels deserve attention. Marketing and advertisement from retail shelves is one of the better options for retail products of all kinds.

Product types such as grocery items, packaged foods, utility, stationary and many others can depend heavily on their shelf advertisement. Custom logo printed boxes can provide the best solution for this requirement with their perfect logo placement and product advertisement.

When you have very suitably placed brand logos in attractive finish options, customers will notice your brand more. Some brand logo printing finish options are:

·        Custom metallic gold/silver foil stamping

·        Beautiful and accurate embossing or debossing

·        Great look and feel raised ink printing

·        Regular high definition printing with logos and images

Custom Packaging Boxes Offer Product Presentation

Retail products need to be presented in their unique ways to customers or potential buyers. Where some products need to be shown in their beautiful designs from within packaging boxes, others can require ultimate heavy-duty protection and organization. Some products even come in more than one parts like toys and various electronic items.

Wholesale Custom Boxes always provide the option for best product presentation when you have readied them right. Many different finish options are available with custom packaging boxes. Some of these include:

·        Fancy clear window or side boxes for product design highlights

·        Functional gable boxes that perform the role of a bag and a box in one package

·        Heavy-duty double walled boxes with custom soft inserts for maximum safety

·        Simple boxes with fancy die cut inserts holding more than one products or their different parts in their dedicated places

·        Shelf placement, wall hanging or ceiling drop down custom packaging boxes in different shapes, sizes and dimensions.

Custom Boxes Are Available Cheaply

Even though custom packaging offers a whole plethora of options, they will still be available affordably. These unique boxes are usually made from card-stock that is available at cheap prices. All the processing and designing stages get cheaper with bulk wholesale orders as well.

Top packaging providers also bundle in many wholesale deals that make your fancy Custom Boxes even better value for money. These features can include free shipping, free design support, no die and plate charges, high quality printing and/or quick turnaround on bulk orders. When you factor in all these value added services, the slight price differences from regular plain packaging boxes get justified efficiently.

When you find the right packaging supplier and setup wholesale purchase order deals with them, you should be able to get these very cheaply. Affordable custom packaging boxes will always have a positive effect on your profit margins enabling long-term success for your business. Custom packaging boxes being available affordably is certainly one of the best features product manufacturers are always appreciating.


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