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Chapter 1

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Everyone Wants to Buy Pendents in MapleStory?Hey fellows, do you reveal some wonderful Pendant of the Spirit or something better in the Hot Week, yes, people are mad about beautiful and Maplestory 2 Mesos exquisite pendents in both real world and MapleStory world. And diffrent pendents have very distinct function, so gamers are collecting those pendents.I'm mean apparently I have said some things that triggers people just like you and well


I'm at the stage I am gonna be pumped out from the MMOgo so when that happens you won't have to be worried about me not be able to stress your thoughts.So yes, I am level 230 and that I really don't understand a lot of things about whats going on and why is because I do not have people who know this things to ask, a great deal of those who I used to speak to no longer play anymore. .


And well because lots of them "Cool Kids" despise me since I have exposed them as being botters they want nothing to do with me. Ohhh and one thing that I wanna mention is all I can do is train that's all, I can not do nothing else since well I do not have the gear to perform bossing and well let's just say there isn't any equipment for my class so even if I wished to find that equipment well I can't.


And when I could discover clean equipment well then I did need to buy Maplestory 2 Items scroll it myself so I had needs mesos to cover all the overpriced scrolls then end up needing to drop over $500 to cube my gear or simply end up having to wait until a Double Miracle Time and hopefully I have cash that day to combine into cubing.Since I had been trying to flaunt the part where it had how long I was on for well the Forum Moderator claims I was spamming the very first time that I made a thread about a screen shot just like it


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