The Originals

Angela asked me to repost this story as long as it was ok with Stefan, Stefan said I could as long as I didn't expect him to join the story ... I said ok and here we are

This is still originally fictional, Quibblo Friends based

Nathaniel, Daisy, Chastity and I are the main writers still but I will be adding Michael, Allison, Angela and Levi as well

Our friends can join us if interested



If you're rude you will be deleted

Chapter 2

The Next Morning

An original chapter because I don't remember where I left off with the originals and I want to add Angela somehow .... it's thanks to her after all I once again can say I have the story bsck in my life.

I'll try to add Levi next chapter, if not I hope Daisy or Michael will have some ideas

I didn't add Daisy because I didn't want to speak for her but I'll try to include her next chapter

The next morning I woke up to the smell of waffles, climbed out of bed and headed downstairs to find a girl I didn't know, she was brunette and very pretty

"Good morning" I said wanting to start a conversation

"Morning" she said before flipping the waffles

I blinked because that seemed to be all she wanted to say

"I'm sorry, who are you?" I asked as Hayley and Chastity came downstairs now blinking as well as they stared at the girl

She blinked right back at the three of us as if we were stupid or something then turned to start a pop of tea

"Angel" Nathaniel and Klaus said walking down the stairs a few minutes later stopping behind the three of us for only a moment before they pushed their way past us and walking over to hug the brunette .... she smiled before hugging them as well

"What are you doing here?" Nathaniel asked

"Lijah called, told me I have a Niece on the way .... I hopped in my car and well I made waffles" the brunette - Angel said

Nathaniel nodded his understanding as Klaus playfully rolled his eyes

"But I have bad news as well .... I had a dream the other night" Angel said when it seemed the twins weren't going to say anything else

"A dream?" Klaus asked as Nathaniel rolled his eyes now

"I saw Mikael" Angel said with a nod

I blinked because Nathaniel seemed to stiffen as Klaus seemed to pale in color a bit

"Mikael's dead, I killed him" Klaus said sounding angry now

The angry look on his face changed when Angel frowned

"I had no choice" Klaus said

"Whose Mikael?" Hayley and I found ourselves asking as Chastity blinked staring at the three

Nathaniel opened his mouth to say something when the back door opened and Elijah walked in with Rebekah and a boy I didn’t know

"Lijah" Angel said before running over to hug Elijah, he smiled and hugged her back

"Oh good, you're home" Rebekah said rolling her eyes slightly

"Always lovely to see you too, Bekah" Angel said moving back to making her tea as Elijah walked over to smile at Hayley, say good morning to Chastity and hug me in greeting

I smiled before hugging my friend back

"Valerie, Chastity ... this is Michael, Hayley's fostee brother" Klaus said because Chastity seemed to stop staring at Angel and started staring at the boy neither of us knew

"And this is our sister Angela" Nathaniel said as I turned to stare at the brunette now

She seemed torn and I wondered if it was still her dream that troubled her

"How's Stefan?" Rebekah and Klaus asked their sister

Angela opened her mouth, saw Elijah frown and closed it again

"Katerina's dying, we should talk later" Angela said staring at Elijah now

He nodded as we all sat down to breakfast

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