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Chapter 1

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You pick one of 9 classes to adventure with, utilizing the game's ARPG design hack and slash battle that feels good. Players earn amounts and develop new skills, while exploring the world's numerous map zones, and following the main story to hit level 50 and start the end-game progression. We have spent a lot of time at start and the head start, so here is what we think of this so much better.Best online shop to buy cheap Maplestory M Mesos for all servers on MMOGO.COM


We're delighted to report that at least in the material department, that's not the situation. MapleStory 2 comes bundled in with plenty of things do to for all sorts of gamers -- solo, team, end-gamers, social gamers -- to enjoy. The PvE includes the main story quests for leveling up, and as the narrative is forgettable, the XP is great, but it's another material that actually shines. MapleStory 2 has some distinctive short story-driven dungeons which can be played either solo or in groups of four, together with great rewards either way.


At end-game if you would like challenge you have to tackle the dungeons in addition to the raid.Even the zones have content in the form of Exploration progression that awards Trophies. Progression is just another point, and you're going to have to dip you toes into all them should you choose to. There's Fishing, Housing, Music crafting and Performance to name a few. What really threw us off guard was fun some of these mini-games were.


The MapleStory game was. Thus, in comparison MapleStory 2 feels like a definite upgrade. It captures that MapleStory essence as a result of the characters, aesthetics and Maple story M Mesos music and while it isn't the flashiest of matches on the market, it's definitely a bright and vibrant world that Maple lovers expect. It's had to simmer in Korea to get ready for the launch that is global, and it shows. For a game, that is impressive.


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