Virtual Reality and Future of VR Technology

Have you heard about the term, virtual reality before? You may have. Have you ever wondered about its future and how is it influencing our lives? Virtual reality is in fact the reproduction of real environments in the shape of computer-generated 3D (3 Dimensional) images.

Chapter 1

Virtual Reality and Future of VR Technology

Let us talk about what virtual reality producers do to render users true physics-based interaction. The modern virtual reality technology is based on algorithms control software and mechanical components. Utilizing wearable display devices like virtual reality glasses or Head-Mounted Displays (HMD); you can view computer created images and intermingle with them in 3D space. VR (Virtual Reality) devices receive information from computer system and feed sensual input to the user. These devices also respond to user’s action like eye movements while creating a new images. Listed below are applications of VR:

1.     Aviation

2.     Video Games

3.     Sports

4.     Engineering

5.     Military

6.     Construction

7.     Healthcare

8.     Education

9.     Training and Simulation

Nowadays, many research laboratories are deploying virtual reality systems, because the cost of software and hardware required for VR is too high. However, future holds great promise for virtual reality, as technological breakthroughs have made several things affordable and more accessible.

Why have VR games become popular?

VR games are famous among children, as they love playing in a 3D environment. Children can immerse themselves in the game by interacting with the 3D environment of a game. Social card games are anticipated to benefit a lot from virtual reality, as they are all about engagement. So, it is right to say that VR has great potential to make social card games more compelling, interesting, and successful. Here is a sneak peek of top 10 VR games:

1.     Active Worlds

2.     Second Life

3.     Blue Mars

4.     Empire of Sports

5.     IMUV

6.     Kaneva

7.     NuVera Online

8.     Onverse

9.     PlayStation 3 Home

10. Red Light Center

Many VR games have been created for PlayStation, Mac, PC, and Xbox. VR games have an incredible future ahead, with top console, PC (Personal Computer), and mobile developers struggling hard to bring up fascinating VR games. VR experts are of the strong belief that nanotechnology will make it possible to upload even the brain of a human being into a computer system or network in order to store all the pieces of information forever. VR holds great future not only for games, but also for education, military operations, and many other sectors too. It looks like VR will influence the live of all and sundry in the future in some form or the other.

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