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Chapter 1

Proper Introduction

A TVD Love Story dedicated to Nina Dobrev because I forgot to post a story yesterday (January 9th) as her birthday present though I had planned too .... it goes with the birthday chapter I did write for her the birthday gift mentioned at the end of the chapter.

This is originally fictional

As always, I'm going to write whatever pops into my head

It will not follow any series (LJ Smith's series, Julie Plec's Bullshiit of a series, our series and fanfics that can be considered Bullshiit series you can randomly find on the Internet)

There is no timeline

I'm hoping it will be a muti book story

If all goes well, I might add in a few other series (slowly over time of course)

Don't like don't read

Friends can join me if interested but my rules apply and you can not take forever on your chapters

There is no unnecessary drama of any kind allowed not optional

I'm posting this because I'm bored

if you're rude you will be deleted

thank you so much for your time




Nate said focus on Tatia and work my way up to Katerina .... I'm going to try my best

Birth Name: Angela Anastasia Mikaelson

Chosen Name: Angela Mikaelson

Alias: Angel Mikaels

Also Known As: Anastasia Smith

Nickname: Angel (by Family) and Ange (by Friends)

Petname: Sweetheart

Title: Lady Angela Mikaelson

Reputation: Drama Queen

Description: 4th Oldest Mikaelson

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 21-22

Birthday: July 5th

Friends: Her siblings, Silas and Tatia

this list will grow as the story does

Love Interest: N/A Might be played by Justin, if he's ok with that

Family: Mikael (Father), Esther (Mother), Freya and Finn (Oldest Twin Siblings), Elijah (Older Brother), Nathaniel and Niklaus (Maternal Half Younger Twin Brothers), Nicholas (Paternal Half Younger Brother), Kol (Younger Brother), Alistair (Younger Brother), Wesley (Younger Sister), Rebekah (Younger Sister), Henrik (Youngest Brother) and Sophia (Youngest Sister)

this list will grow as the story does

Birth Name: Nathaniel Jerome Mikaelson 

Chosen Name: Nathaniel Mikaelson 

Alias: Jerome Peralta 

Also Known As: Nathan Tulle 

Nickname: Nate (by everyone) and Nathan (by his family, mostly) 

Petname: Hero 

Title: Sir Nathaniel Mikaelson 

Reputation: Alpha Of New Orleans 

Description: Klaus' Twin Brother 

Gender: Male 

Species: Human 

Age: 21 

Birthday: October 22nd 

Friends: Freya, Finn, Elijah, Angela, Klaus, Nicholas, Amy, Kol, Alistair, Wesley, Rebekah, Sophia and Dominic 

Love Interest: Katerina Petrova (Eventually) 

Family: Mikael (Stepfather), Ansel (Father), Esther (Mother), Freya and Finn (Maternal Half Oldest Twin Siblings), Elijah (Maternal Half Older Brother), Angela (Maternal Half Older Sister), Niklaus (Twin Brother) Nicholas (Stepbrother), Amelia (Paternal Half Younger Sister), Kol (Maternal Half Younger Brother), Alistair (Maternal Half Younger Brother), Wesley (Maternal Half Younger Sister), Rebekah (Maternal Half Younger Sister), Henrik (Maternal Half Youngest Brother) and Sophia (Maternal Half Youngest Sister)

Birth Name: Justin Xavier Petrova 

Chosen Name: Justin Petrova 

Alias: Xavier Pierce

Also Known As: Justin von Swartzschild

Nickname: J 

Petname: Hun 

Title(s): Mr. Petrova, Sir

Reputation: Boy Next Door 

Description: Tatia's Older Brother 

Gender: Male 

Species: Human 

Age: 26 

Birthday: January 31st 

Friends: Tatia, Angela, Nathaniel, Kol, Elijah and Niklaus 

this list will grow as the story does 

Love Interest: Angela Mikaelson 

Family: Tatia Petrova (Younger Sister) and Austin Petrova (Nephew)

This list will grow as the story does


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