My TVD Character

Angela said I can use her daughter if it makes things easier, she's very nice and the gesture was very much appreciated

Chapter 2

My Present Day TVD Character

Angela is uneven so i'd like us to create a story to make her even again after all its my fault she's uneven since I did ask for the character sheet

Birth Name: Katerina Sierra Williams

Chosen Name: Katerina Williams

Also known As: Katerina Henderson (my mom married Justin's dad when I was 16, no lie)

Aliases: Katerina Mikaelson and Katerina Salvatore (check out my username and Nickname if you don't believe me)

Nickname: Kat or Kitty Kat

Petname: Kitten

Age: 18

Birthday: Janurary 9th

Species: Human

Status: Alive

Marital status: Single

Appearance: 5'6", long wavy dark brown hair, brown eyes, wears comfortable clothes mostly jeans and tank tops

Personality: the popular girl next door

Village or Island Girl: Both

Heaven Or Hell: not sure yet

Strength: Responsible, disciplined and self-controled

Weakness: unforgiving, condescending and always expecting the worst

Title: Ms Katerina Henderson

Reputation: down to earth

Description: Justin's best friend

Quibblo Friends: Alena, Amy, Angela, Cheyenne, Christopher Daisy, Henry, Justin, Melissa and Nathaniel

More might be added later on

Best Friends: Justin Henderson

Close Friends: Angela Ducommun and Nathaniel Scott

Other Friends: Cheyenne, Christopher Smith, Daisy Maddox, Henry Johnson and Melissa Cooper

Family: Estranged Mother, desceased Father, Tolerated Step Father and Justin Henderson (Beloved Older Step Brother)

Honorary Family: Angela Ducommun (Honorary Younger Sister)

Future Family: Undetermined

Closest To: Justin Henderson and Angela Ducommun

Occupation: College Student

Diet: Human food

Loyalty: to her friends

Likes: Family, tradition, music and understating status

Dislikes: Almost everything at some point

Interests: writing

Talent: reliable

Greatest Fear: abandoned

Deepest Desire: a simple life

Secret: had a crush on Justin when they first met but later came to see him as a big brother

Most Prized Possession: charm bracelet

Motto: Come What May

Character Quote: "I'm going to let you decide where we go from here"

Extra: is happy being single

Favorite Band: Def Leppard

Favorite Singer: Nick Jonas

Favorite Movie: Titanic

Favorite TV Show: Fam

Favorite Social Media Source: Twitter

Hulu, Netflix, Both or Other: Both

Favorite Subject In School: English

Dream Job: English teacher

Dream Car: Ford Mustang

Favorite Color: Ice Blue

Favorite type of Pizza: Pepperoni

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: McDonald's

Favorite Food: nachos

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