Katerina (proper introduction)

It didn't all fit in the about me section

Chapter 1

About Me

Hi I'm Katerina, I'm a friend of Justin's .... no we aren't dating, we've been best friends since we were kids

He told me about this site and I decided to join

I picked my username and nickname though there's already a fictional character with this name (Justin says a girl named Angela named her character's daughter them) because I hated every other family on the Vampire Diaries ... well maybe except the Gilberts but Katherine killed Jeremy so I didn't think that fit to well together.

I liked Katherine but Justin explained anything Nina Dobrev related is basically off limits and i'll do my best to respect that rule

My favorite tvd character was Katerina Petrova because she and I had the same name before she changed it to Katherine Pierce .... I like to think Katerina was still somewhere deep inside the evil woman Katherine became after having her daughter ripped from her arms, being thrown out of her homeland, taken in by the Mikaelsons only to run for the next 538 years from a hybrid with an ego/anger problem and to die of old age after being force feed the cure.

My tvd love interest was never just one person because like Katerina I was thrown out into the world at 18 and life hasn't been easy so I'm just looking to love someone who can love and accept me back for who I am.

I liked Stefan but I understand he's taken, I liked Damon but even Katerina said he wasn't the one, I liked Jeremy but he's more into ghosts, I liked Tyler but I thought he was cuter with Olivia. I liked Matt but I can't stand the fact he hates vampires. I liked Alaric but he's busy running a school and raising his daughters. I liked Elijah but I felt he belonged with Katerina though Justin says she was mostly using him, I liked Niklaus til he made it his mission to make Katerina's life hell and wasn't even sad when he heard she died maybe he did belong with Caroline after all they're both heartless and self centered, I liked Kol but he married Davina, I liked Kaleb but Finn murdered him and I haven't really thought of anyone else to like since the guys on Legacies are to young for me.

I'm a fan of being honest with yourself and other people though sometimes it can come off mean or self centered


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