A Leap Of Fate

Percy Jackson Love Story

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Chapter 1

My Character

Full Name: Anastasia Alexandria

Nickname(s): Ana or Alexia

Petname: Lexa

Gender: Female

Nationality: American

Age: 22

Alias: Daughter of Aphrodite

Friends: Co Writers (if any), Luke Castellan and Percy Jackson

Love Interest: Luke Castellan

Family: Aphrodite (Mother), Unnamed Father, 8 (half siblings)

Affiliation: none

Residence: New York, NY

Item: pocket mirror

Status: Alive

Eye: Brown

Hair: Brown

Spiecies: Demigod

Origin: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Powers/Skills: manipulation and seduction

Occupation: Camp counselor/Waitress

Hobby: hanging out with friends

Goals: to live a normal happy life away from the gods, Titans and danger of death

Crimes: sided with Luke

Type of VIlliain: traitor

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