Next Gen Couples (Updated Version)

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Chapter 1

Ships so far

If your kid was already mentioned (i.e Vivian is mentioned as Patroclus' ship) they won't be in a section because we already know their ship, if you don't see one of your kids, look in further chapters

Patroclus Bennett and Vivian Mikaelson

Amara Baizen and Silas Mikaelson

Timothy Bennett-Baizen and Ally Salvatore

Cassandra Bennett-Baizen and Lorenzo Mikaelson

Noah Claire King and Spencer St. John

Chloe Mikaelson and Bellamy Parker

Nathaniel Mikaelson and Clarke Parker

Nolan King Salvatore and Riley Mikaelson

Caylen Mikaelson and Arabesque Castle

Nola Claire King and Samantha Gilbert Calore

Christopher Parker and Tatia Mikaelson

Kayla Parker and Boone Salvatore

Jacob Salvatore and Angela Lockwood

Ryan/Henry Mikaelson and Chris Smith

Stefan Salvatore Junior and Luke Lockwood

Katerina Salvatore and Edward Morrison (Made Up Character)

Alexia Salvatore and Tyler McCall

Matthew Salvatore and Stephanie Avery

Andrew Salvatore and Marissa Cooper

Lian Michaels and Elliot Calore & Dean Forbes.

Rose-Marie Mikaelson and Damon St John

Victoria Donovan and Thomas Avery Gilbert

Damian Avery and Emily St. John

Avery Elena Gilbert and Jackson Joseph Mikaelson

Steven Gilbert and James Smith

Mikael Elijah Smith and Shawn King

Raven Mikaelson and Ian Salvatore

Octavia Mikaelson and Josie Saltzman

Seth St. John and Samara Calore

Nicolae Calore and Fiona Salvatore

Oliver King and Lizzie Saltzman

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