I'll Never Break Your Heart

I'll Never Break Your Heart

Nathaniel said I can write any story I want as long as it's ok with Angela

Angela said if it'ok ok with Nathaniel (Nate) it's ok with her

So this is an Angela/Nathaniel Love story

This is originally fictional, it's tvd, to and quibblo friends based



Chapter 1


I suggested this story because if I could pick someone to be with my boyfriend it would have to be someone I know and trust (I only know and trust two people more) but they don't know Nathaniel like Angela and I do.

Nathaniel said

I remember signing up for a story and I don't remember who's story it was but I wrote Wesley as "Wesley Mikaelson (Favored Beloved Younger Maternal Half Sister)" and we weren't adding Freya yet

Had we added Freya, Angela's would've been "Angela Mikaelson (Favored Beloved Older Maternal Half Sister)"

A lot of people think Wesley's my favorite overall and that's not true. Though I love Wesley and I'll always be very protective over my younger siblings, I love Angela just as much.

At times it comes off as mean because all in all I'm not the best with words but know that I admire her strength.

When I came back, it was partially for her after all.

For those of you that don't know, I joined years ago but I left after a few weeks because I had other stuff going on. I returned with my friends because I had more time and because I missed Angela (and Melissa who was the only other one in the friend group when I was around)

I may not agree with some of her choices but her happiness is one of the most important things to me and I'll never let anyone hurt her if I can help it

It's why I'm hard on her sometimes, but we actually have a lot of similarities.

Besides, we both love Nina (platonically now). We both care deeply for all of our siblings. We've both been hurt by people we love. We both consider our friends our family. We both have issues with our parents. We both have people that we've known for years that are basically family to us. We both love Valerie (both Tulle from the show and my Valerie, who are very similar). We both understand characters that people usually don't.

I of course don't know her best, Melissa and Henry do, but I like to believe I know her fairly well.

I know none of our friends would intentionally hurt her, but if you do you'll have me to answer to.

Angela said

Nathaniel is my beloved younger brother (if I have to pick a Mikaelson I'll always pick kol, is basically a show thing) if I have to pick a Mikaelson and you made me pick one I will, have and did pick Nate. 

He and I we have a lot in common and he's the one I would miss the most if I ever left the site. 

His love and friendship mean most to me because out of all of my friends when i'm stressing or freaking out he doesn't push it back in my face or say what he thinks I want to hear .... he promise everything will be ok and I know it will. 

He promised I would never be hurt again and his words meant more to me than anything. 

Elijah never thought of Klaus as anything but our brother (he would not feel that way for/about anyone else) 

I write Maternal Half younger brothers but really like Lijah with Klaus) Nate is my brother and 

I will always love him, worry about him, try to protect him and yes (at least in the books) I would die for him too 

Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear

but actually it made me cry to read because it wasn't what I wanted to hear .... It was better and I hope my mon Amour feels the same

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