Sophia Mikaelson

Just thought I should put it out there

Chapter 1

Character Sheet

Name: Sophia Mikaelson

Nickname(s): Sophie and Soph

Petname(s): Pretty Girl or Babe

Alias: Sophie Mikaels

Title: Unknown Mikaelson

Gender: Female

Species: Original Vampire

Bloodline: Original Family

Turned: By Esther in Autumn 1001(Through The Immortality Spell)

Cause Of Death: stabbed through the heart

Killed By: Mikael

Diet: Vampire Blood/Human food

Age: 18/1000+

BIrthday: August 4th

Birthplace: Mystic Falls

Current Residence: Paris, France

Vacation Home(s): Los Angeles, California and Sydney, Australia

Status: Alive

Marital Status: Dating

Face Claim: Sophia Bush

Appearance: wears dresses or skirts and a nice blouse unless lazy then she sticks to jeans an t-shirts but if cold she wears sweats and a hoddie

Personality: usually quiet, gentle and kind but she can stand up for herself and she'll be rude if she feels someone is being rude to her

Reputuation: Girl Next Door

Description: The Youngest Mikaelson

Best Friend: Austin Petrova (Jake)

Close Friends: her siblings

Other Friends: Siblings' Love Interests, best and close friends

Acquaintances: Siblings' other friends

Frenemies: Petrova Family line the only one she's close to is Austin

Enemies: everyone else

Greatest Enemy: The Hallow

Love Interest: Austin Petrova

Fami!y: Mikael (Father), Esther (Mother), Dahila (Maternal Aunt), Freya (Oldest Sister), Finn (Oldest Brother), Elijah (Older Brother), Angela (Older Sister), Nathaniel and Niklaus (Maternal Half Older Twin Brothers), Nicholas (Paternal Half Older Brother), Kol (Older Brother), Alistair Mikaelson (Older Brother), Wesley (Older Sister), Rebekah (Older Sister), Henrik (Desceased Older Brother), Brooke and Erin Petrova- Mikaelson (Twin Daughters out of wedlock)

Future Family: Austin Petrova (Husband), Sebastian Nathaniel Petrova-Mikaelson (Oldest Son), Ann Petrova-Mikaelson (Middle Daughter) Charles and Edward Petrova-Mikaelson (Youngest Twin Sons)

Closest To: her siblings and Austin

Occupation: Socialite (Actress/Model)

Greatest Fear: isolation

Deepest Desire: To be happy

Secret: she had her oldest twins at 18 though the fertility spell

Priorities: family first

Most Prized Possessions: necklace Henrik bought her for her birthday before his death

Motto: the world's not going to end tomorrow

Character Quote: "always and forever doesn't just mean til you don't feel like it anymore"

Extra: would do anything for the ones she loves most


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