Your Biggest Fan

I know Nathaniel told me he doesn't make a big deal out of his birthday but I had the idea for this story for almost a month now

The song is a Nick Jonas song because I know he likes him actually it's a Jonas Brothers song but Nick wrote and sang the entire thing

This is originally fictional, it was inspired by Angela's book series I thought this could kinda be 'our story'

I hope it's ok and thank you for your time


Chapter 1

My Character

Name: Valerie Elizabeth Nelson

Nickname(s): Elizabeth Valerie Alexandra (Role), Val (by Friends)

Petname: Mo Gra

Gender: Female

Age: 31

Birthday: January 6th

Appearance: 5'7", blonde hair and blue eyes

Personality: kind, caring, compassionate, passionate, loving, trust worthy, loyal, honest, slightly obsessive, can be a bit dramatic, needs to let go of her past and start loving herself first Dominic says I'm emotional and I promise i'm working on fixing it

Quibblo Friends; Alena, Alistair, Allison, Amy, Angel, Angela, Avery, Barbara, Carter, Chastity, Cheyenne, Christopher, Daisy, Dani, Danielle, Dominic, Henry, Jake, James, Levi, Lucas, Melissa, Michael, Nathaniel, Nicholas, Stefan, Sophia, Tyler and Wesley

Best Friends: Chastity and Tom Avery

Close Friends: Riley Voelkel, Daniel Gillies, Joseph Morgan, Nathaniel Buzolic, Claire Holt, Danielle Campbell, Pheobe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis, Daniel Sharman, Paul Wesley, Ian Somehandler, Tristin Mays, Elizabeth Blackmore, Allison Scagliotti, Scarlett Byrne, Torrey Devitto, Nina Dobrev, Steven R McQueen, Michael Trevino, Chris Wood and Christina Moses

Other Friends: Sebastian Roche, Nathan Parsons, Colin Woodell, Steven Krueger, Sara Cunning, Tayler Kinney, Sophia Bush, Jesse Spencer, Michael Malarkey, Kayla Ewell, Melinda Clarke, Jasmine Guy, Zach Roerig, Nathalie Kelley, Matt Davis, Chris Wood, Candice King, Arielle Kebbel and Kat Graham

Love Interest: Nathaniel Scott

Family: Desceased

Honorary Family: Quibblo Friends + Tom Avery

Future Family: Nathaniel Scott (Husband), Amorette Aline Scott (Daughter) and Joseph Scott (Son)

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