Caroline and Tyler

Caroline and Tyler

I will not read or write them with anyone else and thank you for wasting my time .... It took 2 hours to make that survey just for you all to f(uc)k it up by putting her with someone else and buy into Julie's bullshiit

Read/don't read I don't care

Friends can join if interested

I did like the Katherine/Klaus idea ... I might use that

Shove rude comments up your a^s because I don't want to hear them

If you don't like me or what I have to say take a flying leap

Chapter 1


Caroline the Vampire and Tyler the Werwolf (Hybrid/Mystic Falls Alpha)

Intimacy Levels:

Exes, Sexual, Were in love, Former tension due to Caroline's involvement with Klaus after their break up; Distant/Good Friends, Former Allies; Cared about each other, Were protective of each other, Tyler was the love of Caroline's life.

I believe wholeheartedly had he lived she would of married him and not Stefan .... She didn't belong with or too Stefan Motherf(uckin)g Julie had to ruin everything because she wanted to bang Stefan and couldn't 'Julie would of never been Caroline'

She only ruined our lives because Nina and Michael left after the 6th season and they only left because Julie didn't have anything for 'Tyler' anymore but to kill him off and Nina knew six years (seasons) was enough

i still don't care if you agree with me or not, I'm just explaining why i'm not willing to give Stefan and Caroline a chance

obviously none of my stories will ever follow Julie's series .... In fact if I had it my way they would of went LJ Smith's route and made Caroline a werewolf, dating Tyler and having his twins.


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