New Rising

Twilight Next Generation

This is originally fictional

Friends can join me if interested but you can't take forever on your chapters

I'll need co writers to play
Edward and Bella's child - Renesmee ✅
Alice and Jasper's child ✅
Mike and Jessica's child
Angela and Eric's child
Sam and Emily's child

I will be playing Rosalie and Emmett's kid because I like them best

Jacob and Renesmee will end up together

I hope it's ok

Chapter 1

My Character

Name: Nicole Cullen - Hale

Born: May 17th 2006; Forks, Washington, U.S.A.

Species: Vampire

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Friends: Renesmee and Jack

Love Interest: None

Family: Rosalie Lillian Hale (mother)

Emmett McCarty Cullen (father)

Mrs. Hale (Maternal Grandmother)

Mr. Hale (Maternal Grandfather)

Two unnamed Maternal Uncles

Carlisle Cullen (adoptive grandfather)

Esme Cullen (adoptive grandmother)

Alice Cullen (adoptive aunt)

Edward Cullen (adoptive Uncle)

Bella Swan (Aunt through marriage)

Jasper Hale (adoptive uncle)

Renesmee Cullen (adoptive Cousin)

Abilities: Self-control

Loyalty: Olympic coven

Black pack

Uley pack

Denali coven

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