Marry Me

Marry Me

New concept

TVD Meets Quibblo Friends

This is originally fictional

There's no julie, no bs, no timeline and no unnecessary drama

Friends can join me if interested but Angela's rules apply and you can't take forever on your chapters



Chapter 1

My Character

Name: Chastity Alexandra Avery

Nickname(s): Chas, Alexa, Alex and Avery

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 29

Birthday; July 5th 1989

Friends: Alena, Alex, Allison, Amy, Angel, Angela, Avery, Barbara, Cheyenne, Christopher, Daisy, Dani, Danielle, Dominic, Henry, Jake, James, Levi, Lucas, Melissa, Michael, Nathaniel, Nicholas, Stefan, Sophia, Tyler and Wesley

Love Interests: Jeremy Gilbert, Meredith Fell and Tyler Cramer

Family: Tom Avery (Deceased Older Brother)

Honorary Family: Quibblo Friends

Future Family: Jeremy Gilbert and Tyler Cramer (Husbands), Meredith Fell (Wife), Thomas Avery Gilbert, Avery Elena Gilbert, Steven Gilbert and Alexandra Gilbert (kids with Jeremy) Torrey Avery-Fell, Natalie Avery-Fell, Melissa Avery-Fell and Carrie Avery-Fell (Adopted kids with Meredith) Avery Cramer, Elizabeth Cramer, Nathaniel Cramer and Tyler Cramer Junior (children with Tyler)

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