Camp Rock 3

Camp Rock 3

Dani asked me if i might want to write a stiry with her, I said sure and we're going to give this one a try

the story takes place 8 years after the second movie ends

I was a Dana and Nate fan, this doesn't change that

the story is Camp Rock meets Kingdom

This is originally fictional, it will not follow either series

If you're rude you will be deleted

Friends can join us if interested

Thank you so much for your time


Chapter 10

Tyler Parker

Angela and Daniella eventually returned and I went to help them carry the food to the kitchen area where we set everything up for a late lunch early dinner.

"So Dana's cute" I found myself saying

Angel turned to knowing smile at me but Daniella seemed to preoccupied to notice I might like their friend as more than because through Angel and Daniella I've known Dana a really long time now

"Maybe i'll ask her out" I said moving one of the larger tables over for our group of friends to sit at

"Dana? My friend Dana? Our friend Dana? .... you wanna ask Dana out?" Daniella asked finally noticing I was in the room as she turned to get napkins and stuff

"I'll give you a sec" Angel said before walking back outside to get the rest of the supplies from her car

"Tyler?" Daniella said when it seemed I wasn't going to respond to her simple yet very weird question right away

"I'm thinking about it, yeah" I said honestly

"You can't" Daniella said

"Why not?" I asked

"Because of Nate?" Daniella said so quickly it made me blink

"Doesn't he kinda like Angel?" I asked randomly because it kinda feels that way to me

"Not Dana's Nate .... Nate, you should be grieving the lose of your best friend not trying to date one of his sister's best friends" Daniella said

I sighed she had a point but then again if I had died Nate wouldn't of dumped Will for me .... to mourn my death, or would he?

Daniella kept staring at me until Angel walked back in

"I'm going to wait" I told Angel before walking out of the room to tell the others it was time to eat

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