Camp Rock 3

Camp Rock 3

Dani asked me if i might want to write a stiry with her, I said sure and we're going to give this one a try

the story takes place 8 years after the second movie ends

I was a Dana and Nate fan, this doesn't change that

the story is Camp Rock meets Kingdom

This is originally fictional, it will not follow either series

If you're rude you will be deleted

Friends can join us if interested

Thank you so much for your time


Chapter 2


I was cleaning out Nathaniel's office, dad was on the road with Jay; my brother would be back by dinner and Mom was to devasted to do anything but fold laundry that there was no one else who could do it.... I threw a picture of the family into the box just as the door to the office opened and two girls walked in

"Ange, we're so sorry" my best friends Daniella Parker and Dana Turner said walking over before taking a seat in front of Nathaniel's desk knowing i'm not big on hugs (it's one thing out of many, my brother and I had in common)

"Thanks guys" I said moving the current box onto the floor and opening a new one because the first was full

"How can we help?" Dana asked

"I'm fine, I'm just trying to get everything packed up here before heading home and cleaning out Nate's room .... Will promised to pick up everything tonight and place it in storage until we're ready to actually go through it; to keep or throw away" I said honestly taping up the first box

"I got it" Daniella said taking the box from me

"Thanks, Lisa sent aside space in the front .... just place it there i'll put it in my car before I leave" I said honestly

Daniella nodded before turning and walking back out of the room

"Here you sit, i'll do a box" Dana said a few minutes later as I found myself trying not to cry as I started going through the desk

I nodded and took her seat before watching Dana clear out Nate's desk

"I just realized i'm going to have to find a new part time job, I can't work here now that Nate's gone .... dad doesn't know what to do, Lisa and Nate did most of it for him, he's better as a trainer" I said honestly

"You can always come work with me, Nate and I are thinking of opening our own summer camp now that camp rock and camp star are closing" Dana said

"Oh yeah I almost forgot you have a boyfriend who shared Nate's name" I said honestly causing us both to giggle a little as Daniella walked back into the office

"Nate and I aren't really together anymore, but we agreed to stay friends" Dana said

"Did he realize he's a rock star and you're a summer fling at best?" Daniella asked playfully taking the seat next to me

"Did Caitlyn finally admit she's had a crush on him for the last year and a half?" I asked

"Neither actually, it's just distance but we aren't over yet ... I just think maybe meeting another Nate, will help you grieve your brother, espically because they kind of look alike" Dana said

I nodded my understandIng before standing up needing another coffee knowing though Dana offered to help, cleaning out the rest of Nate's things would be up to me

"We'll go with you home after work, order pizza and pack up Nate's stuff that way it will be ready for Will when he arrives" Daniella said when I returned carrying three coffees

I nodded my thanks before handing out the coffee and smiling as Dana showed me a photo of Nate and I, my brother had in his desk

I have pictures with my family too but the ones I cherish most are the ones of my 'lost' brother and a few of them are with me.

After a few hours Daniella and Dana promised to pack the boxes into my car as we had finished cleaning out the office while I said bye for now to Lisa

I then walked out to the parking lot and climbed into the drivers seat of my car as Dana and Daniella did the same with theirs as well

The three of us then drove to the Kulina house (Mom's - as Nate only stayed with Dad when Mom was acting out), I unloaded the office boxes onto the porch as Dana and Daniella parked their cars in the driveway

The three of us then headed into the house

"Mom, Jay; I'm home" I said leading my friends inside

"Hey kid" Jay said walking out of the living room where most of Nate's things had been placed but there was still a lot to clear out of his room

"Hey" I said before hugging my oldest - now older brother, I suppose

"You brought friends ... but no beer" Jay said teasingly before smiling at the girls

"Dani, Dana .... this is Jay" I said pulling out of the hug before moving around them so the three could share hellos properly

"Daniella, it's nice to meet you Jay" Daniella said as Dana said "hey" right around the time her phone vibrated

"Nate" Daniella and I said at the same time

Dana nodded before walking back outside to take the call

"Where's mom?" I asked taking off my shoes and jacket

"She had to work a double shift ... she'll be back in a few hours" Jay said

I nodded, walking over and handed Daniella the phone

"Pizza" I said turning back to Jay as Daniella joined Dana outside

"Sounds good" Jay said as we started walking back towards Nate's room

"Will should be here by 9" I said honestly opening the door and stepping inside, turning on the light as I went

Jay nodded before opening a few boxes

"I guess we should get started then" he said

I nodded and started taking more things out of drawers and from the closet so that we could know how much we were dealing with

Dana and Daniella came back into the house a few minutes later as I was carrying a box to be placed with the others on the front porch

"Pizza will be here in 30 minutes" Dani said

"So will Nate and his brothers ... I told him we could use the man power" Dana said

"Man power?" Jay asked walking over with yet another box

"For heavy lifting because otherwise it would just be you" I said causing Daniella and Dana to giggle slightly

Jay rolled his eyes playfully as I lead Dana and Daniella back into Nate's room to get started on another box

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