Camp Rock 3

Camp Rock 3

Dani asked me if i might want to write a stiry with her, I said sure and we're going to give this one a try

the story takes place 8 years after the second movie ends

I was a Dana and Nate fan, this doesn't change that

the story is Camp Rock meets Kingdom

This is originally fictional, it will not follow either series

If you're rude you will be deleted

Friends can join us if interested

Thank you so much for your time


Chapter 3

Daniella Parker

I walked outside a little while later to get some tools for Jay that were out in the garage when two cars pulled up, my Brother stepped out of one and 5 people I didn't know stepped out of the other

"Did Will or the pizza arrive yet?" Angel called out from the kitchen window where she was getting the four of us drinks

"No but my brother, Dana's sister and 4 people i don't know did" I yelled back before grabbing the tools and walking back towards the front door

"Ty, Belle .... Come in" I said as Angel turned away from the window before saying "Dana, Bella came with Friends"

I smiled trying not to giggle as Dana walked out onto the front porch next to me

she hugged her sister, hugged a curly haired boy who kinda looked like Nate only younger and smiled at the others

"Dani you remember Nate, right?" Dana asked

I nodded happy to finally be able to meet the Nate Angel and I have heard so much about for the last 8 years from our 'best' friend

"It's nice to finally meet you" I told Nate while winking at Dana

"Hi" Nate said causing me to smile .... Just like Nate Kulina, Dana's Nate isn't much of a talker

"Angel, come meet Nate" Dana said leading our group of 8 into the house as Angel handed Jay his beer

I held Dana back as Angel and Jay looked up only to blink as they spotted Nate

"He changed his hair" Jay whispered to his sister

"No jokes" Angel said trying not to cry

"Angel, Angel's brother Jay ... this is my 'boyfriend' Nate, his brothers Jason and Shane, our friend Sander and my sister Bella" Dana said

"And I'm not sure if you met him before but this is my brother Tyler" I said since Dana didn't introduce him as well

"It's nice to meet you and it's good to see you again Tyler" Angel said

"Hi, I'm so sorry about Nate" Tyler said

Angel and Jay nodded their understanding before Jay took a sip of his beer

"Nate" Jason and Shane whispered to each other a little confused

15 minutes later we got back to packing up Nate's room

'what happened to your brother?" Nate asked Angel causing both of our brothers to glare at him slightly

"Pizza's here" I said hearing the door bell

Angel nodded, grabbed her wallet and walked out of the room

"I'm going to go make sure Will's on his way" Jay said handing Tyler another full box

"I should go make sure Angel's alright" I said standing up from my place at the back of Nate's closet then walking out of the room as well

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