Backup Character

This is a character I may alternatively use instead of Hunter sometimes, which doesn't mean Hunter won't be in the story, it just means I'll be playing this character instead of him in this one.

I'm not getting rid of Hunter, I'm posting it here because I'm not friends with everyone on my main account ( ).

I'm going to try to use this character more often. Not that I don't love playing Hunter and I'll gladly play him whenever someone needs.

Chapter 1

Alistair Westphall

I'll be reposting this on my main account as well

Birth Name: Mikhailo Alistair Westphall

Choosen Name: Alistair Morrigan

Nickname(s): Ali (Everyone), Mick (Alena and Kaleb)

Petname: Honey

Alias: Mikhailo Morrigan

Gender: Male

Species: Witch

Age: 20 (Playing it safe but it changes depending on the story)

Birthday: April 25th

Birthplace: New Orleans

Current Residence: Mystic Falls

Status: Alive

Martial Status: Single (for Now)

Appearance: He looks exactly like his twin brother, Kaleb Westphall.

Title: Long Lost Twin

Reputation: Town Witch (Along with Bonnie and Alena, later on with Davina and Michael).

Quibblo Friends: I don't wanna miss anyone but you all know who you are

Best Friends: Kaleb Westphall (Eventually), Davina Claire, Lucas Parker and Bonnie Bennett

Close Friends: Sarah, Liv, Tyler, Matt, Jeremy, Alaric, Damon, Stefan, Elena, Caroline and April

Other Friends: The Mikaelson Siblings, Joshua Rosza, Jackson Kenner, Hayley Marshall and Marcel Gerard

Frenemies: Malachai and Josette Parker, Jenna Sommers, Richard Lockwood, Carol Lockwood

Enemies: Cade, Seline (for kidnapping children), Sybil (for killing Sarah) I know a lot of people blame Damon and I won't start an argument if you do, just know that I blame Sybil because Damon tried to let Sarah go and Sybil stabbed her (I can link someone to the scene if they don't believe me)

Eternal Twin Flame/Love Interest: Sarah Salvatore I know she wasn't introduced until season six and later died, but we never follow the storyline anyway

Lover(s): Lucas Parker

Crush: None.

Ex: Bonnie Bennett (tried dating as kids, found they were better as friends)

Rival: None

Family: Unnamed Parents (Both deceased), Alena Morrigan Westphall (Older Paternal Half Sister), Kaleb Westphall (Younger Twin Brother)

Honorary Family: Quibblo Friends + Davina, Lucas and Bonnie

Future Family: Sarah Salvatore (Wife), Joseph Salvatore (Son) and Gail Westphall (Daughter)

Closest To: Bonnie and Quibblo Friends

Partner In Life: Davina Claire

Soulmate: Bonnie Bennett

Shoulder To Lean On: Olivia Parker

Other Half: Kaleb Westphall

Partners In Crime: April and Jeremy

Occupation: High School/College Student

Greatest Fear: Being Possessed

Deepest Desire: To get rid of anyone who poses a threat to his loved ones.

Secret: He has a twin brother (he didn't know this either)

Most Prized Possession: A bracelet made by Kaleb when they were younger.

Motto: Don't bite off more than you can chew.

Character Quote: I'm not some frail human. I can help.

Extra: Like Alena, he was taken by their father away from Kaleb and their mother and moved to Mystic Falls when he was a baby.


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