I Love You All the Time (Book 2)

This is originally fictional, it will not follow the series, please keep rude comments to yourselves, sorry if it sucks and thank you so much for your time


my friends can join me if interested

Chapter 1

Two Years Later

Angela Wesley sat on an examining table in a hospital room, Paul was sitting next to her with their hands intertwined…both were a bit nervous as they waited for their test results.

“It sure is warm for April” Angela said

“Stupid global warming” Paul said as Angela leaned her head back onto Paul’s shoulder, causing Paul to wrap his arm around Angela’s waist

“What if it’s negative?” Angela asked

“Then we’ll try again” Paul said

“We’d have to wait a whole year” Angela said with a frustrated sigh

“It’ll be alright sweetheart, we’ll figure it out” Paul said kissing the top of his wife’s head

“What if we can’t have our little girl, what if it all was just some stupid dream?” Angela asked

“It wasn’t” Paul said feeling a little frustrated now as well

“It’s been two years, there has to be something wrong, what if it’s me?” Angela asked randomly when the room was suddenly filled with silence

“Nothing’s wrong, whatever it is…we’ll figure it out” Paul said

Angela nodded hoping he was telling her the truth before sitting up again as a knock sounded on the hospital door and a doctor walked in

Angela scooted deeper into Paul’s embrace never really comfortable with doctors, though she has spent a lot of time over the years around them

“Picture Torrey in your mind” Paul whispered into Angela’s ear

She nodded and closed her eyes as Paul turned his attention to the doctor

“So what’s the verdict?” Paul asked

“You’re pregnant” The doctor said

Angela’s eyes shot open in surprise as Paul blinked a few times

“I’m sorry can you say that again?” Angela asked

“You’re pregnant” the doctor said

Angela and Paul shared a smile and a hug as tears of joy came to their eyes

“And it will be born next January right?” Angela asked

“If everything goes as planned, yes she will” the doctor said

Angela and Paul’s smiles grew

“Thank you doctor” Paul said standing up when the doctor did

“Ok so now that it’s official, what do you say we go get lunch before we announce it to our friends and family” Paul said helping Angela to her feet as the doctor left the room

“Sounds good, where?” Angela said

“Where ever you want” Paul said

Angela smiled before squeezing her husband’s hand and leading him from the room

The two left the building before climbing into their car

“Call Ben” Paul told their car as Angela plugged in her ear buds

“Hey man” Ben said answering the call

“Hey, we’re leaving the doctor’s now…don’t make any dinner plans we have news and we want to share it with everyone tonight” Paul said into the phone

“Yeah man ok, why you don’t call me when you get home and we’ll figure things out” Ben said

“Ok, well Ange and I haven’t eaten all day so we’re going to get some lunch, i'll calk you afterwards” Paul said starting the car and pulling out of the parking space

“Ok man, talk to ya in a bit” Ben said

The two shared a smirk before the call was dropped

“In n out for lunch, sound ok?” Paul asked

“Definitely” Angela said

Paul nodded before pulling the car onto the freeway and heading for the nearest restaurant

15 minutes later Paul noticed an In N Out sign and pulled off of the freeway before pulling into the driveway

“Do you want to take it home, eat in the car or eat inside?” Paul asked as Angela played with her phone

“Take it home, we’ve been gone for two years” Angela said

“You’re the one who wanted to see the world” Paul said

“Yes well now I want to return to our life…check on our friends and see our son” Angela said honestly

“You know believe it or not but that actually sounds nice…though I wouldn’t mind maybe throwing a nap in there if at all possible” Paul said honestly with a smile

“Would that be before or after dinner?” Angela said teasingly

Paul chuckled in response before ordering their lunches and drove up to the window in order to pay

After the two received their food, Paul drove them home and Angela turned on some Kings of Leon music on her Spotify app

A little while later Paul pulled the car into their driveway and the two climbed out, they headed inside and sat down to eat when Angela’s phone rang

“Ben says your home” Nina said after Angela hit accept not even letting her say hello

“We are, we just got home but we’re eating lunch at the moment” Angela said

“Ok well don’t make any plans, we’ll all going out to welcome you guys back home” Nina said

“oh Ni, I don’t want a big party…I much rather do dinner with friends, hug my son, take a long hot shower and fall asleep in front of the tv” Angela said honestly

“Sorry Ange, not tonight; tonight we’re going to the hottest nightclub and we’re getting drunk” Nina said

“Hold on” Angela said before placing her hand on the receiver and turning to Paul

“Nina wants to celebrate the fact we’re home” Angela said

“Did you tell her about dinner?” Paul asked

Angela gave him a look that said didn’t you hear me mention it, you’re sitting right here

Paul sighed before holding out his hand

Angela nodded before handing Paul the phone

“Nina, hi…it was good yeah...oh I’m sure she’ll fill you in later. Listen I talked to Ben earlier and we have news to share with everyone. We understand they’re going to want to celebrate our return as well, but that’s why I thought dinner would be the best option…what? Yeah ok cool, well I’m going to call Ben after lunch and we’re going to go over details. Yes of course Ange will keep you updated so you can tell everyone else. Ok yeah, I’ll have her call you back. Ok talk to you later, bye.” Paul said into the phone

Angela blinked a few times before smiling at her husband

“That was fantastic” she said honestly

“Not really, that was me not letting Nina talk me into anything…you’re biggest problem is you can’t tell her no. I don’t have that issue and she knows it.” Paul said honestly

“Ok sure but to me it was amazing” Angela said

“Fair enough” Paul said before the two turned back to their lunches

After lunch Angela kissed Paul before heading upstairs for a shower and a nap while Paul called Ben to figure out dinner, once things were all figured out Paul used Angela’s phone to message Nina and the rest of their friends the details as well. He then headed upstairs for a shower and a nap too.

A few hours later Angela and Paul got up to get ready for dinner with their friends

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