Essays and research papers are part of the education and writing good essays is the best way to create an impression about you in the minds of your teachers or guides. A writer should be able to express the ideas effectively so that it could reach the people reading it.

Chapter 1


Though there are various websites available for assisting you in writing the essays or dissertation work, it is better to know how to write like a professional writer. Poorly written essays can affect the grades in your school or college. Here are the tips to write a college essay like a professional.

·        Do the research

The best way to ensure that you will be able to deliver research papers and essays like a professional is to do proper research about the topic or subject you are going to write. An essay discusses a topic, and for this, you will need points which will reason the idea and the evidence to prove the idea. You will be able to get the reason and the evidence to support the topic by doing research on the topic. Professionals also depend on the internet and libraries to acquire knowledge about the topic they are writing. You can make use of academic databases available in your school or college library to gain the information needed. Doing research on the subject will help you to get the latest information regarding the topic, and you will be able to use the information wisely in your essay.

·        Add your insights

Just getting ideas and information from resources and compiling it will not do the trick. You need to think about the information you have received from various sources and dissect them. When you are dissecting things, many questions may arise in your mind, and you will be forced to find answers for it. From this, you will be able to come to a conclusion about the topic in your hand, and you will get an idea about what thoughts should be added to the essay or paper to enrich it.

·        Create a rough structure

Professional writers may be able to plan the structure of the essays mentally. It is better for you to create an outline of the structure of the essay you are going to write.  This will give an idea of what issues and ideas should be included in each paragraph. It is essential that you stick to the topic selected and present the right arguments accordingly. The paragraphs in an essay should be in the correct order and use sub-headings and captions wherever needed. If you are asked to write in an atypical format follow the instruction format.

·        Write an interesting intro

If you want people to read your thesis or reports, you should be able to grab their attention through an appropriate introduction to the issue you are dealing with. Don’t beat around the bush and immediately focus on the topic so that they will be persuaded to read further. Just give the information regarding what is covered in the essay.

·        Expand the ideas

Expand the ideas and give supporting data or information in the body of the essay. Each idea in your rough work should be in separate paragraphs or sections. Use easy to understand language and avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes. Express your ideas in a sensible and clear manner. Give emphasis to the ideas or points that are based on the topic. Give an appropriate conclusion paragraph at the end. This paragraph should contain a sum up with the ideas and final perception about the subject of the essay. Add the references from which you have taken the required information.

·        Always proofread

One of the common mistakes made by scholars while writing essays is that they do not find it necessary to identify the misspelled words and correct it. You should proofread what you have written in person without using a spell check software. Though professional research paper writing service use plagiarism and spell check software to proofread the essay, they also do it manually to ensure that the work is done without any error. Misspelled words and plagiarism can affect the quality of the work and the grades you receive after you submit the essay.

·        Create a final draft

Always the first essay draft you have written may contain some unneeded information and this will make your essay lengthy. You need to edit the first draft to remove unwanted contents and by adding all the essential points. Avoid sentence errors and structural errors and make the final draft. Make sure that you have used the right language, tone and the essay is not sounding too formal or too casual. Make sure that you do not use sentimental comments which may hurt others. Give due credit to the resources you have used for writing the essay.

·        Get guidance

At any point in the task of writing an essay, you can ask for guidance. There are websites which may guide you on how to write essays like writers or you can go to your tutors for getting the guidance. This will definitely help to improve the quality of the essay. You should be ready to accept the inputs given by the guide or tutor and rewriting the work according to the advice given by them.

·        Write with confidence

Whatever you write you should give 100% of your concentration and write what you feel is right. Don't pretend that you know everything about the subject or use words which are not familiar to you. When you use words and phrases which are not familiar, you tend to misuse them, and you will be confusing things for the reader. If you enjoy what you write, you can reach the audience.

The other important thing to remember is to start writing well in advance so that you will have enough time to compile the information and create the first draft. You will have ample time to proofread and edit it and create the final draft. You can present the work with confidence and on time when you start the work early.


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