Introduction, basically

Sort of introducing myself, sort of telling everyone where I stand on certain topics because I do not want to have drama about it later.

I'm open to friendly debating and getting to know everyone else.

Chapter 1

The Vampire Diaries.

I haven't quite figured out my The Vampire Diaries character yet but when I do I'll post him

Now for my opinions on TVD (Remember, opinions, meaning they aren't hurting anyone in any way)

  1. I don't like Julie Plec
  2. I don't like Silas, Sybil or Seline (Trinity Of Evil S Names)
  3. I don't care for Alaric Saltzman beyond him keeping Jeremy and Elena safe and later Lizzie and Josie (he got hit by a car for Jeremy without knowing if he'd come back and he died for Elena)
  4. I don't have an opinion on Stelena and Delena. They both had their cute moments.
  5. I don't think it was fair to Katherine for Julie to make her obsessed with Stefan. It's Katherine Pierce. Bada^s villain. I just don't think it's entirely accurate for her to get hung up on one guy out of all the guys she's been with. Therefore, I saw it as her always wanting to get back at Stefan for revealing to his father that she was a vampire. Sorry if you don't agree.
  6. I don't think either Salvatore brother is better than the other. Stefan is of course (due to Julie's bias) painted as the 'good brother' but he's done things as bad as Damon has. I've made up my mind about this so I don't really want to hear your arguments for this particular thing. Even Paul Wesley himself agrees the brothers are as bad as each other.
  7. I don't think Damon killed Sarah. Sorry, I KNOW Damon didn't kill Sarah. Because I actually watched the scene. You know, when Sybil stabbed Sarah and forced Damon and Stefan to stand there and watch her die, after Damon told her to run so he wouldn't kill her? Yeah lol apparently only I saw that whoops
  8. I don't think Enzo is a bad guy. I mean, he was tortured and experimented on for over a century by humans. You can't really blame him for not caring about humans and being masochistic.
  9. I don't hate Caroline, Elena, Bonnie, Katherine, Damon, Enzo, Stefan, Jeremy, Matt or Tyler but I know they've all done bad things.
  10. I don't hate any of the Mikaelsons.
  11. Mason Lockwood was a cool guy but I understand why he had to die.
  12. I don't blame Damon for Tyler's death in particular because Tyler, my favorite dumb a^s wolf, tempted a vampire with no humanity to kill him. I don't know what he expected to happen.
  13. I don't hate Mikael but I don't think he should be allowed around any kids. Ever.
  14. I don't hate Esther either but I think she f(u)cked up big time when she let Mikael talk her into making vampires.
  15. Tom Avery didn't deserve to die but it was him or Stefan so I don't care that Enzo killed him after Caroline tried to save him.
  16. Kol Mikaelson didn't really deserve to die either but I know why Elena would want him dead (he threatened to cut off her brother's arms) anyway so I don't care that Jeremy killed him either.
  17. I don't like Rebekah/Marcel.
  18. I still think Klaus was the greatest TVD villain.
  19. Stefan, Damon and Elena are great characters but the absolute worst heroes of all time.
  20. Sarah Salvatore was a boring character because she only served as a background plot for Enzo to hurt Stefan, which I mean, good on Enzo, but I feel like he could've just went after Elena. That being said, She didn't deserve to die.
  21. I can't remember what happened to Monique but she didn't deserve to die either if she did.
  22. I like Meredith Fell.
  23. I'm aware my girlfriend likes Kai Parker. So do I. Granted, not in the same way, but he's a good villain. And he, unlike all the villains before him, didn't care about the characters. He only cared about causing chaos for them, like a true villain.
  24. I don't like Silas but he was fun to watch.
  25. The Mikaelsons are worse than the Salvatore Brothers by far.

Suggest a family for my character to be in, by the way. He's blonde, if that helps any.


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