Tale of the Door with the Red Doorknob

Tale of the Door with the Red Doorknob

Written by: Iris Harrington and Tayra Reberta

A creepypasta about a 15 year old girl who discovers the history behind the haunting red doorknob.

Chapter 1

Tale of the Door with the Red Doorknob

by: Iris_Fey

It was around the time I was 15 years old, it was just me and my mom. Dad had passed away when I was 10 years old from cancer. Mom had gotten a better job and moved out of the country and moved into a house out on in outskirts of town. It was much bigger than our old one and mom said that if I wanted to I could invite some friends over to visit. By the way, before I go further with my story my name is Annabelle Montgomery. I am James Montgomery's daughter and my mother's name is Julie. Both my mom and my dad both worked in journalism. Currently my mom owns the workplace that she started with after dad's passing. So this new house is much more fitting than the run down house we use to live in.

Upon arriving I had an unnerving feeling about the place. The entire area seemed rather dark, I've always felt uneasy when areas seems dark for no reason at all and this two story house was very creepy. It has a nice long driveway and a nice iron fence all the way around it. In front of the house had several rose gardens of different colors: White, pink, red, you name it, it was there. As my mother and I began to unpack I noticed that the stone porch had moss growing around it. No one has been keeping the beautiful marble texture clean to keep it's shine so weather has taken it's toll on it.

I opened the door to the house, the door gave an unnerving sound as I opened it. When I let go it had a mind of it's own and hit the wall and scared the hell out of me. "It's just the door Anna." That's what most people call me is Anna, I turned and laid my bags on the floor and began exploring the house. I found myself in the kitchen, it had a nice black marble counter top, in fact all of the counters had a black marble counter top. The should was a high volume gas stove with four burners and a griddle top. I began looking around and noticed that there were openings for a dish washer and a trash compactor. I heard a noise and my mother calling me so I check to see what she wanted.

"Yes, you wanted me?"

"Could you go and get the rest of the bags for me dear?"

"Yes of course." I went out to the SUV to grab the bags. As I was grabbing the bags I noticed a shadow figure in the corner of my eye. It turned to my right, as I did the figure just disappeared and one of the roses turned black as the shadow disappeared. I thought nothing of it and took the bags into the house. I laid them down with the rest of the bags and decided to look for mom. I saw her in one of the rooms with a large bookcase and her nose in one of the books. "I got all of the bags in the house."

"Thank you dear." She never looked up from the book or even noticed that I entered which was kind of strange. She usually was never that engrossed in a book like that, but again I thought nothing of it and decided to take my bags and pick a room. I came across a door with a red doorknob. None of the doors in the house had this color so I thought it strange. I tried to open the door but it wouldn't open. Also it was one of those that required one of the heavy key's they made back in the 1800's. All the other doors were modernized with the new doorknobs which was another reason why I thought it strange. Since I couldn't figure out how to open the door I decided to look for another room. I opened a room that for some reason already had a bed in it. "Guess no one wanted their bed. Shame, it's a nice queen size bed in a rather small room. I wonder what's in the bigger bedroom?" I laid my bags down and checked the other rooms. The bigger bedroom had an unfurnished queen size bed. "Sorry mom, but it looks like you have to make your bed.", I said sarcastically to myself. The house had two pretty good size bathrooms upstairs and one down stairs, which is pretty good. Oh, it also had one spare room that wasn't furnished at all, it was completely stripped of it's wall paper leaving the walls bare. Again strange but didn't think of it.

Hours went by and mom had fixed dinner. We began talking what plans she wanted to make for tomorrow. The first thing she mentioned was school.

"I think tomorrow we'll get you registered to this school down here, so be ready for that."

"Mom, that school down the road is an elementary school. This district uses the same school I'm already in for high school. I already talked to Guidance Counselor about this already and told here where we were moving to."

"Oh, how come they didn't tell me this?"

"They thought you already knew that this district was already connected to the school."

"Well, guess that makes things easier. Guess that means I only have to give them the new address and phone number." I nodded and finished up my dinner and started to get ready for bed. When I walked by the door I saw a red light coming from the door. I tried to open the door to see if it would open. It was no use, it wouldn't open. I felt a hand touch me and I looked in shock to see mom behind me. Then I looked at the door to see the light was gone. "What's the matter with you?" She exclaimed.

"There was some kind of red light coming from this door." I looked back at her, "Do we have a key for this door?"

"I don't know, I know nothing about this door or what's behind this door. All I was told about this house was that someone had died in this house." My body totally froze in place as I heard those words come out of my mom's mouth. I noticed that I was unable to let go of the doorknob, before I knew it an image came to my eyes. I could see a dark room, a small light coming from the window. I heard a woman crying in pain as someone was beating her with a belt. I heard a man yelling at her. I heard the words really clearly in a sharp tone. "YOU ARE SO WORTHLESS!!! WHY, WHY DID YOU DO IT!!!? I PAID GOOD MONEY FOR THOSE, AND YOU GO BREAKING EVERYONE OF THOSE!!! DO YOU THINK I"M MADE OF MONEY!!!" He continued beating her until I felt a hand touch my shoulder. The image vanished and I heard my mom's voice again. "Are you alright?"

I released the doorknob, still shaking. "I saw an image of a man beating his wife, or I think it was her wife." She turned me towards her and hugged me.

"Just go to bed and forget about the door. Don't let your anxiety get the best of you." She let me go and I headed off to bed. My body was still in pain after seeing that image. I went to bed and started dreaming about my dad before he died. Once of the reasons why I have so much anxiety was the shock of hearing that cancer took my dad away. It's been 5 years since his passing and I haven't been able to get over my ASD. I still have not fully gotten over his death so that may be the reason why I have not been able to get over my anxiety.

The next morning I got myself ready for school, my mom took me to school so she could update my records and I headed to homeroom. The thought about that image still lingered in my head and I was unable to get it out of my head. Through out the day that was all I could think of. I was drifting in and out of conscious and couldn't understand why. The event had nothing to do with me so I have not idea why it was bothering me what so ever. Then I heard my name being called and I snapped into reality.

"Anna, are you alright?" My math teacher called.

"I don't know, I think I feel sick. Would it be alright if I went to the nurses office?"

"Of course." As she opened the door for me I rushed to the nurses office as fast as I could. Just as I reached the doorway to the nurses office I threw up blood in the middle of the floor. The nurse came to my aid and laid me down on the bed.

"What happened, why are you shaking so badly?"

"I don't really know, I saw this image when I grabbed the doorknob of a man beating on his wife. I can't really explain it at all."

"What color was the doorknob?" I looked at her in shock and confused.

"Wait, what do you know about it?"

"I know enough to know that the image that you saw is what is written about that house. People has noticed a red doorknob in that house and claims to have heard noises behind that door. You are the first person that I've heard that has claim to have an image of the event."

"What happened?"

"The woman that you saw, she was murdered by her husband. All of his mother's chinaware was destroyed because he found out that she was pregnant. He busted all of the chinaware and blamed it on her for it. The number of beatings that she took eventually took her life." 

"But why does it seem to bother me so much? I literally had a hold of the doorknob and I couldn't let go of it."

"I don't know really, maybe you have more of a connection towards her than you realize it." That didn't set well towards me as those words started ringing in my head. 

The school day ended and I walked up stairs to my room. I stopped next to that door again. I turned towards the door and noticed that the door was slightly opened. I pushed the door opened and saw that the room was completely furnished with everything. Just I entered in the door slammed shut, I turned as I heard the door shut. I began to panic and started slamming on the door. "MOOOM!!!" I could hear footsteps coming from outside the door, I saw the door open and a man entered. I completely was in fear as I saw what was in his hands. I began to cry in fear, "Please leave me alone, I have no idea why you are haunting me!"

"LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!!! ALL OF MY MOTHER's CHINA IS ALL BUSTED!!" As he wraps the belt around his hand he takes charge, all I could do was put my hands up and fall backwards on the bed. If this was a dream, it felt so real. I could feel pain from every lashing from the belt. Thinking to myself that this was all a dream I tried to tell myself to wake up, but nothing was working. The lashes kept on coming. Then they were all gone, I was staring at a red room. I heard a baby crying off in the distance, I decided to follow where the sound was coming from. I looked at the name that was on the crib the baby was in, the name terrified me. 

"No, this can't be happening. That can't be right." The name terrified to the point I curled up into a ball. Then the next moment I found myself outside of that room, I looked up to see my mom. "Am I your daughter?" I had no idea why I asked that question but somehow I had the feeling I would not like the answer.

She was silent for a moment, then she answered. "Anna, your real mom is dead. I'm truly sorry that you had to find out like this."

"What about my dad?"

"He was killed while in prison. I'm sorry that we never told you."

So the woman that I saw behind this door was my real mother, the man that was beating on her was my father, and the baby that I saw was me. That's why this door drew to me, it was telling me the truth...about me. The people that have taken care of me my who life took me away from this terror. I'm alive because of them. I looked at the woman that I called my mom. "Thank you." I then hugged her as I cried.

The next morning that doorknob on the door wasn't read anymore. Some reason my real mom had come back to me. Maybe she knew I was struggling and decided to help me. I stood next to the door for a few minutes crying, I opened the door to find that it was empty, even the doorknob wasn't the same. For the first time in my life I got a chance to see my mom's last moments in life. And I finally no longer feel any pain what-so-ever. I can finally let go of my adopted father's death and move on with my life. Thank you mom for helping me, though I am truly sorry for the terror that you had to endure, I thank you for making me strong again.



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