The Originals

The Originals

Originally fictional because I'm throwing my quibblo friends and I into the series as well

I'm bored it's the best I got

Anyone who wants to join the story is welcome



Be nice I just started watching the series

Chapter 2


"Why are we here?" Chastity asked Valerie climbing out of the car as Nathaniel parked it in the drive way

"Nathaniel invited us" Valerie said climbing out of the car now as well

Chastity walked around to the driver's side as Nathaniel climbed out of the car

"Why are we here?" She asked him

"Because my brother called saying he wanted me to help him move in" Nathaniel replied

"Then why are we here?" Chastity asked as Valerie walked over to join them on Nataniel's side of the car

"Because I wanted to spend the day with my girlfriend and you two are joined at the hip" Nathaniel said causing Chastity to roll her eyes playfully

She was going to tell him best friends can't literally be joined at the hip but Valerie's giggle cut her off

Nathaniel wrapped his arm around Valerie's waist locking the car in the process before the three headed to the front door and Nathaniel knocked

The door opened a few minutes later and Valerie blinked because the man standing before them and Nathaniel looked similar down to hair, eyes, smirk and even the clothes they had chosen to wear

"Identical twins" Chastity said causing Valerie to nod

"Brother" the man said

"Good to see you Klaus" Nathaniel said

He let go of Valerie's waist to step forward and hug his brother, Klaus hugged Nathaniel back before smirking at the girls and leading the three into the house then closing the front door once more as Nathaniel rewrapped his arm around Valerie's waist causing her to smile

"Who do we have here?" Klaus asked

"This is my girlfriend Valerie and her best friend Chastity" Nathaniel said

I'm sorry Melissa, I understand you need to fall in love with siblings of your best friend so that one day you and Angela might end up siblings (non blood related, of course) now I need you to understand I want Chastity with Klaus for the same reason ... She and I are best friends, to me she's a non blood related sister and I want her to be my sister someday too even if that means through marriage ... To quote the tv show Lizzie McGuire "get the picture"

"Hi, I'm Valerie" Valerie said causing Klaus' attention to be drawn to her

"It's nice to meet you Valerie" Klaus said before he turned to his brother and said

"Let's have a drink brother, catch up" Klaus said

"We'll be back" Nathaniel told Valerie before kissing the top of her head

"We'll be here" Valerie said causing the brothers to smile before they walk out of the the room

"Let's see if the movers need help" Valerie says

Chastity nods before both girls walked back out front

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