The “Big Five” Personality Traits: Which One Are You?

These five personality types can be used to describe the majority of people in the world.

Chapter 1

Big Five” Personality Traits

When it comes to personality, there are hundreds upon hundreds of traits used to describe each individual. There was even a psychologist in the past - Gordon Allport - who believed there to be as many as 4,000 traits. But according to psychologists of today, there are actually just five major ones.

These five personality types can be used to describe the majority of people in the world. Here we’ll explore each of the “Big Five” traits more in depth. From there you can determine which personality type you fall under.


Individuals who fall under the openness category tend to be dreamers. Their imaginations run rampant and the world is their oyster. Picking one interest or hobby is impossible for them since they love experiencing new things as often as possible. These are the adventurers of the world who want nothing more than to explore. An open person might have a recurring dream of winning the lottery, and who knows, maybe stories of the lotto dream come true for you open thinkers!

If you lack the openness trait, most likely you’ll be less open to trying new things and characterized as a more traditional thinker. The thought of change may be overwhelming for you and you might even resist it as much as possible. Trying new things will be stressful for people lacking the trait.


Conscientious people tend to be very goal-oriented with a good head on their shoulders. Typically they are in control of their actions and feelings. Also these people have great organizational skills and time management is easy for them. They thrive best when there is a set schedule and normal routine to follow.

If you are low in conscientiousness, you’ll be just the opposite. Structure, planning, deadlines, and routines aren’t your forte. Your room is probably cluttered, and maybe you have no plan to clean it. Finishing a task on time will be a challenge for you.


If extraversion is your main personality trait, you probably consider yourself a social butterfly. Your emotions sometimes control your actions, and you feel things passionately. Your highest energy will be in social gatherings and being the center of attention is what you crave. You thrive on meeting new people and having thought-provoking conversations.

If your extraversion trait is low, you’ll have more introverted qualities. Small talk isn’t your strength and social situations cause you to feel stressed. You prefer to be alone whenever possible.


An agreeable person is trusting, caring, and sometimes too selfless for their own good. You thrive off of helping others and giving back to the world. You feel high levels of empathy for anyone suffering around you. If you aren’t agreeable, the well-being of others is of no concern to you. You might even be manipulative and selfish.


Last but not least comes neuroticism. Neurotics are the least stable people in the world; they are often moody and emotional for no reason. Anxiety disorders are common problems for anyone high in this Big Five trait. Someone low in the trait will have emotional stability and feel relaxed most of the time.

So what personality trait are you? It is possible to be a combination of two - or even all five!


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