Angela Anastasia Mikaelson Salvatore

A TVD/TO Love Story (if all goes well I might add Legacies later on)

This is originally fictional, it will not follow the series, our series or the novels

I'm just going to write whatever pops into my head

If you're rude you will be deleted

my friends as always can join me if interested, as long as they remember my rules will apply

thank you so much for your time


Chapter 1

Mikaelson Ball (introduction)

Referenced: TVD- Season 3, Episode: Dangerous Liaisons (which is the fourteenth episode)

Date: September 22, 2010 at 7pm

Location: Mikaelson Family Mansion (owned by Klaus)

Participants: Stefan SalvatoreDamon SalvatoreElena GilbertMikaelson FamilyCaroline ForbesMatt Donovan and Carol Lockwood

Angela Anastasia Mikaelson walked out of her room the night of the Mikaelson ball fashionably late loving the fact no one in the small town knew who she was with the exception of her family...she walked over to the top of the railing just as he mother and siblings took their place atop the staircase and Elijah announced the annual dance

She decides to skip the waltz this time around instead waiting for everyone to enter the ball room before descending the stairs and heading to the lounge for a drink

"Drinking alone, sister?" Kol asks a little while later tired of the young lady on his arm for the moment

"I had to get out of my room for a bit and I wasn't sure Mother wanted me to attend the one knows me in there' Angela said

Kol raised his eyebrow with a cheeky smirk

"No one?" He asked pouring himself a drink now as well

"You know what I mean" Angela said

"I do...Angel, come dance with me" Kol said setting their glasses on the coffee table after taking a mouthful of his scotch

"I'm not much for dancing, brother" she said honestly

"I'll lead" Kol said grabbing his sister's hand before pulling her excitedly towards the ballroom

As the two entered only a few heads turned in their direction causing Angela to become slightly nervous and a little self-conscious

"Smile darling, they have no right to judge they don't even know you" Kol said leading his sister onto the dance floor

Angela smiled as she danced with her brother, growing more confident as Elijah and Niklaus often asked to cut in as well

A little while later Angela was sitting in the living room once more watching her Siblings mingle with the guests as her mother walked upstairs with Finn and Elena Gilbert not far behind her

A boy sat down to her left causing Angela's attention to fall onto him

"Fun party huh?" The boy asked nursing a drink in his hand

"I'm not much of a partier" Angela said honestly

"Me either, I just came out of curiosity" the boy said

"I'm Angela Mikaelson" Angela said reaching out her hand

"Stefan Salvatore" the boy said doing the same

They shook hands with a smile

Angela and Stefan talked for a while not really talking about anything important, just getting to know each other til Kol walked over to them

"It's time for mother's speech" Kol said

Angela nodded to her brother in understanding acceptance before turning back to Stefan

"It was a pleasure meeting you" Angela said honestly

"You too" Stefan said before they both stood up

Kol offered his arm, Angela took it and the three rejoined the others

Esther made her speech, the guests drank their champagne and the Mikaelson Siblings were connected as one

After the guest took their leave with Kol breaking Matt Donovan's hand

Angela headed back to her room

"Stefan's a good Ripper but don't let that cause you to fall to hard for someone you can't have...rippers do not love like the rest of us, sister" Klaus said passing Angela on his way to his room

"I thought you'd be happy "your friend" has returned to your life Niklaus....someone else for you to play with, or are you happier playing with yourself?" Angela asked turning to face him properly

"I just don't want to see you get hurt" Niklaus said honestly

"Thanks for the concern little brother it's appreciated" Angela said walking over to kiss her Maternal Half Younger Brother's cheek

Niklaus nodded with a smirk before the two entered their rooms calling it a night

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