Family Above All

Family Above All

A TVD (Mikaelson) Love Story

Created mostly out of boredom

I might add other characters later on

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Henry and Christopher can join if they wish too, they may not be apart of the Original Family but they are Family

Chapter 2


happy New Year one and all

There's a tradition on New Year's Eve, the one you're with (the one you kiss) will be the one you're with for the entire year the following year.

My family has believed in that tradition since we were kids so much so you could saying being the Original Family we started the tradition

Sadly growing up there was no one around for me and my siblings to kiss but each other, Father never allowed us to celebrate with the Witches or Werewolves that lived in the village

So when midnight came around Freya, Finn, Elijah, Angela, Nathaniel, Niklaus, Nicholas, Kol, Alistair, Wesley, Rebekah, Henrik and I would have to pick someone amongst the 13 of us to kiss

Things got easier after Henrik's death because no one had to share but being a 'close' family no one ever really cared about that .... well except when it came to kissing a girl then Angela pretended she was to cool for the tradition even if it was just a normal peck on the lips

"Girl on girl does nothing for me and I won't be bullied into your perverted games" she'd say before she'd hide out in her room for the rest of the evening

Things started changing when we reached our teenage years, my older siblings started to date and they taught us younger siblings about it

Everything seemed normal until I walked in on Angela and Elijah making out in the house library one afternoon and then later that year, Niklaus refused to kiss anyone on New Year's .... turns out he and Nathaniel had gotten together so the request made more sense to me

As we grew older more of my siblings started to pair off, leaving Kol and I .... Kol was such a ladies man or at least that's what he believed and I believed there was no way he'd want to date me after all i'm just his baby sister, the youngest of the group.

New Year's Eve came around and everyone was kissing at midnight but Kol and I

I walked over and kissed my older brother's cheek before turning and heading towards the stairs so tired I just wanted to get ready for bed

I reached the stairs but stopped moving when Kol took my hand in his

I turned, he stepped onto the step next to me and the next thing I know we're kissing tongue and all just like our siblings

"Nathaniel and Niklaus, Angela and Elijah ... they do more than kissing but i'm not ready for that yet" I said honestly pulling back for air a few minutes later

Kok nodded his understanding before pulling me into another kiss

I sighed feeling happy before kissing him back

I couldn't wait to see what next year brings

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