The History of Quibblo (from my POV)

I know no-one will read this. It's 2019 and no one is active. But hopefully, someone, someday, might come along and see this and will then know how how this was once a thriving community full of really creative, intelligent, sometimes, immature, people who really did have a strong friendship even if it was through slow-messages and profile comments.

This "story" will talk of the history through my eyes, the times I was bullied, driven away from this site, and when I made real friends.

Chapter 1

The Beginning


Quibblo used to be thriving. At least, when I joined. Back in 2011, with the profile "XxFirestarXx." People were making and sending out quizzes, stories, were commenting on each others profiles, sending each other private messages and chain stories (which, by the way, I've probably been sent a million of and deleted because if you didn't come on in two days your inbox would be about a 1,000 pages long and there was no way anyone was going to sort through all of those).

Now it's 2019 and it's dead. There are about two active users, and one of them isn't even Quibblo. Quibblo hasn't been on since... wait for it... last year (today is the first of January 2019, but as of writing this, it's just struck midnight).

I honestly can't remember much of 2011, it mustn't have been a very exciting year.

Some way down the line, notes were introduced and we could post sticky notes into stories, which I made good use of.


And then... we had the Religious War (I suppose this is its official name now). Okay, I admit I was a big part of that and I had probably caused it but it was because the Christians kept going around and commenting "Jesus Loves You :)" on every Satanists / atheists profile. That caused outrage, and even I was pushed away from the website for a short time (if you didn't at least once, really dramatically, you were never a real Quibbloian). But came back sometime before going on holiday. I remember having a migraine the day before so if I made a mistake in my coming-back story, it was left.

It properly started when one certain Quibblo member posted a story named "If you don't believe in God, then you're going to hell" and it all kicked off from there. I never actually saw this myself, and this had been deleted by the time I had got around to actually viewing it but people made a lot of stories on this and it didn't just diminish like how quickly she'd deleted her post. No, there was uproar.

According to my profile, this was 6 years ago putting it somewhere around 2013/2014. It won't quite add up yet because it's just turned into a new year, but it will. Eventually.


Some time after that, Quibblo started becoming stricter. Not like he wasn't already strict with some rules though. When I first joined, you had to be 13 to join, and then it went up to 18 so if you were under 18 and caught, your profile was deleted. I remember feeling chuffed because I'd just turned 18 that year, or just last year from when this happened. But a lot of users were in trouble, and I had even known someone who was only 11 years old when they had first joined.

2016 onwards

I think 2016 onwards was when it started to decline. I feel like a huge event happened and then it just went downhill. Users started leaving, their last logins saying 2015. Some even deleted without saying goodbye. Tough times, and now it's just you & I.

I think the beginning of this was the Anon "Truth" accounts who kept insisting there was something going on with Quibblo? There were two of them and they just kept posting everywhere, being really vague about "The Truth" until Quibblo had to physically intervene and delete their accounts. Whether they were the same person, who knows, but one of them came back and claimed it was a "social experiment" when it was clearly some type of trolling.

If you're reading this, and you can think of ANYTHING that happened in the years Quibblo was active then don't hesitate to comment and say something. If I remember anything, I'll add in it (obviously I can't add in personal stories or any inside jokes that happened with your friends). Obviously I mean full-scale happening which most members, or a lot of members on Quibblo were involved in.


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